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well, not this minute...

but in two hours , Fischer amber ale (Alsace). Nothing particularly special but a nice temporary replacement for the Sierra Nevada pale ale I'd kinda gotten tired of.
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Originally Posted by Latchigo View Post
A Christmas present - Broughton ales Black Douglas. It seems a bit bland.


I think my brother in law got a better gift from me - a bottle of Taylors 1996 Quinta de Vargellas vintage port. But Christmas is about giving, so they say.
Holidays are fun when they're all bottled up!
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Okanagan Springs Brewery Light - because of indulgence at Christmas - though it's still a fine diversion as I tune the skis for tomorrow!
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Romana Sambuca, Black. It's so pretty . . .
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I had a Thomas Kemper Root Beer earlier. It was the perfect complement to the Quarter Pounder w/cheese I was eating at the time. Seriously.
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went with the little one to the McDs playground the other day and couldn't bring myself to eating after reading the nutritional info. 28 grams of fat in a Big and Tasty ... think I'll go eat a stick of butter first
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Butter, yuck. Brie tastes better and has a similar fat content.
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Canada Dry sodium-free club soda.

All the potassium of several bananas and far less gas.
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I just filled the growler with............

mmmm, drat beer at home.
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1994 vintage port Symington Group - Tesco supermarket own name brand.

This was very keenly priced. It certainly will not be Grahams, or even Dow or Warre but it is a nice drop.

In October we went to Opporto and visited Taylors where we had a superb lunch. We then treked up and down hill and all around the back streets and eventually found Grahams - the big name in Symington Group.
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Borjomi Georgian Spring Water (it's reputed to be a great hangover cure).

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Walmart melon-flavoured not-very-alcoholic stuff. It said "flavoured beer" in the ingredients. It's not damn beer! It's fizzy drink with alamahol in .
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Well right now its 2 in the morning and I'm drinking the silver bullet, wish I had a f@#king newcastle!
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a nice cold hacker-pschorr!
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A nice spot of cabernet. went really well with the pasta on the menu tonight.
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Crosspoint Pinot Noir - nice little bottle I got over the holidays.
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Emergen-C...trying to kick a cold.
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V8 Juice, I love V8 Juice.
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Good ol' water. Yummy, yummy H2O.
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Level one vodka martini...... again!
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Delerium Tremens.

A fine Belgian Blond.

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In that spirit, an award-winning Belgian Farmhouse Saisan from Cooperstown NY

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Crater Lake Vodka with a splash of cranberry (no snide comments please...)

Dinner is cooking, will have a bottle of Pillar Box Red ($9.95, not bad value) with pork.
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at the risk of seeming like a total lush, another post

Yet another bottle conditioned ale for me, this time the pale variety from Tuckermans

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right now, a Lavazza doppio.

But, man o man, do those beers look good.

Love all the bottle-conditioned suggestions. I'm keeping a list (and mildly lamenting the limited istribution we receive out here in the American Hinterlands.)
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at this moment, Big Sky Moose Drool; can't say enough good things about the taste.
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Ketel One Vodka,splash of Schweppes tonic, lemon
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