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Back from Mammoth

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Just got back from Mammoth. Due to teaching my son and having a family play day, only got in one full day of skiing. But Oh What a Day!! It dumped atleast 18" of snow wednesday/Thursday and I sied all day Thursday. The skis I recently bought were Rossi Viper S and not what I needed for these conditions so I demoed the Bandit XX in 184 cm, that is all he had. Wow!!Handled the heavy new snow like a champ(Mammoth gets heavy powder believe it or not). I took about 6 runs down the face of chair 22(fairly steep/untracked)and it floated real nice and the ski seemed to do the work for you. I am not a great powder skier but I felt that I definitely held my own. It was fun on the packed groomed soft snow. Turned easily and was able to make quick turns easily. I got 2 real good runs on a powder covered bump run and these skis did incredible. These were not really tight bumps but good size and tight enough. I am not a speed demon so never really tested it for that. Overall I give these skis high marks for powder and overall fun. I think I'll go with the 177 cm though if I get this ski.
I wanted to demo the K2 Axis X but they were all rented out.

To Oboe, I demoed the K2 Axis (No X) at Dodge ridge and I found it to be "flat". I want to demo the Axis X for powder/all around ski.

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Hey Dan,

get on the Axis X, find its sweet spot, stand on it, and watch the sparks fly!

it's the most fun high-end midfat I've ever skied. not as much pop as a slalom racing ski (try the Mach S for that), but a lot for a mid-fat. and carving? rails, baby. rails.
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