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Time to think MAPLUS

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With ease, durability & performance for everyone (novice to elite) and any type of boards (Alpine/Telemark, Nordic/XC/Classic/Skate, Backcountry/Alpine Touring/AT & Snowboard/Splitboard), Maplus produces rub-ons, creams, sprays, liquids, solid and powder glide & grip waxes.

"Maplus works directly with prof. Gianpaolo Gambaretto of Padua University in Italy who developed CERA F for Enichem in 1984 and is on the cutting edge of fluorinated and perfluorinated wax development, especially in spray and liquid form that is easy to apply. Maplus wax utilizes very hard high melt-point paraffin with high resistence to abrasion, low surface tension and low friction co-efficient."

Download full line catalog or visit our developing site for more info and pre-season sale. See also Tools4Boards.
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Slidewright, I moved your post out from behind the "time for wax" post. I checked out your site briefly and see you have some interesting tuning equipment for sale. Nice to see you have link approval, and hope you'll be around to help out the Bears with some supplies.

How long have you been doing this?
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....and for Tools4Boards to Optimize Your Slide!

Thank you! It's very helpful as we are interested in keeping marketing costs down to keep product prices down while trying to turn on skiers and riders.

This is the third season for SlideWright.com. I started it after doing everything but getting and setting up a proper set of vises, tools and stand for working on personal and then my family's array of alpine, tele, xc/nordic/touring, skate & AT skis (for over thirty years). After considerable research, the best options came out of Tools4Boards due to their excellent value, quality and versatility. For instance, the Cinch 'vise' (reviewed at WildSnow Backcountry Blog) and included Lasso clamp quickly and easily secures every flavor of ski (and snowboards) we own due to the ability of the lasso to wrap around bindings and brakes for side edge and base work, and is independent of side wall shape, side cut and width.

Slidewright.com evolved out of combining a passion for sliding on snow, taking care of gear, 'hitting the wax' and other factors, along with getting to know Rick Weissenborn, former Canadian downhiller, inventor, manufacturer & owner of Tools4Boards. Talented, creative, passionate, driven and a stand up guy (who also likes beer ) I've also met with one of his industrial designers and the Maplus production manager out of Italy and the future looks very bright. Maplus is definitely a player at the elite level as can be seen by their partners shown in the catalog and below, and they have expanded across the big pond to offer their recreational to elite waxes, fine tools, helmets, goggles, roller skis and other gear to North Americans with T4B as the distributor.

Slidewright.com is a online sales outlet for Tools4Boards, Maplus and other products and is a facilitator for Dealer Sales for Colorado, Utah, Arizona & New Mexico. Dealers in the 4-Corners states can contact me, Terry. Others in North America, Europe, Asia & OZ, etc can contact Rick .

Terry Ackerman

PS we are in the process of setting up discounts for EpicSki Members and Supporters.

Also, check out these links for tips, FAQ, forum/info and wax applications.

Here's some other info:

Tools4Boards provides vises, hand-held tools, stands and accessories for tuning skis and snowboards to a global market. Over the past 15 years we have earned a reputation as a leading supplier to some of the largest and most reputable brands in the snow sport business. Our focus is making skiing and riding better and more enjoyable through development and commercialization of new and innovative product ideas. We believe products can always be improved, and constantly re-think every aspect of existing product design. We consult the best technicians and industrial designers available and partner with progressive, forward-thinking companies to stay on the cutting edge of R&D.The recent launch of our Tools4Boards brand has confirmed a simple idea - a high demand exists for innovative, high quality & affordable products that push the limits of what's possible.
Tools4Boards is the distributor for Maplus in the United States and Canada. Complementing the Tools4Boards line of tools, vises and stands Maplus is on the cutting edge of fluorinated and perfluorinated wax development, especially in spray, liquid and solid form that is easy to apply. Maplus also provides a complete line of tuning tools, helmets and goggles. Tools4Boards welcomes Maplus and its partners.
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