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The Mogul Ski Shop

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Do any of you guys have an experience with this company? I recently ordered a pair of fat skis from them which took over two months to get to me. I didn't receive any phone calls from them even after repeated calls I made inquiring about the skis. And the final rub is that when I finally got the skis they ended up showing with the wrong bindings. Just a warning.
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No Experience with them, but I see that they are associated (if not the same) with Skier Shop .com. There have been posts here with negative comments about them. Sounds like very similiar story to previous stories. Poor or non-existant service with lack of response, charging for goods long before they are delivered. The new twist you write of is the wrong binding scenario.
I don't think I have seen anything positive about them.
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EDIT: The comments below actually are for a different shop: www.skiershop.com . For some reason they appeared on the CC statement as mogul ski shop. Go figure.

Yep. Same story here. Waited for 2 months for my poles and never got them.

Finally disputed the charge on my credit card 2 days ago. No communication whatsoever, phone calls always get voicemail, do not respond to emails, website is out of date - you can order stuff that is out of stock, etc.

Thumbs down.

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I stopped by their shop in Tahoe City last year. It is in a converted hotel. The Entrance is a sliding glasss door, and it was open, but nobody was there. The place was a real mess, but they had quite a few twins, and bump skis. It did not really look like a place of business. I left, and closed the door behind me.
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Sounds like these people deserve the Kurse of K-Mart.
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