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Falling behind the curve, New Skis?

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Hi All, This is my first post. The "new skis" bug has got me. It seems there is alot of experience with new skis here so here goes.

I am 39, 5'11, 175 lbs, expert skier, some racing (collegiate GS), lots of bumps when I was younger now as much as I can take. Ski eastern hardpack. Bought two pairs of new skis about five years ago:

Dynastar Autodrive SpeedCarve 63 in 186: There are my skis for fast cruising on groomed. They feel big in bumps and trees however--probably the length. Typically morning skis

The others are Atomic BetaCarve 918 (blue pre-device ones) in 180. I use these on steeps, bumps and sking with the family. Turny and forgiving, good at low speeds, ok in bumps but a definite compromising speed limit, a bit of a sketch at speed really.

Given that I am skiing skis that were good in thier day five years ago, is the new stuff that much better? I wiil part with the cash but I want to be wow-ed; you know like your first run on a real GS racing ski after growing up with swap meet "bargains".

If the new stuff is an advancement, then what to buy:
Considering a forgiving FIS GS or more likely a Cheater GS:
Fischer WC RC or Nordica Doberman Pro GS

A detuned slalom (-last pair of real slalom race skis I tried were too much work for all day fun for two runs although.) Fischer WC SC or Atomic SL??

Alternativly a HP Carving Ski say Fischer RX9 but I am worried about the speed limit.

Any thoughts?
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My first thoughts are that you have confusing criteria.

First, you have basically a civillian GS ski already, so there is not much need to buy another race type ski.

Second, short race type skis will grip nicely and turn fast, but they won't be terribly forgiving in bumps. (Too stiff and too grippy.)

Third, you want the ski to be good in bumps but you are afraid of finding that the speed limit is too low. A ski that is good in bumps will by nature be a little more forgiving but that practically guarantees that it will have a speed limit a little lower than you may want.

The Fischer RX-9 is actually a pretty good choice. Another consideration is the '07 Contact 11 from Dynastar or the '06 Nordica SUV 12.1

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I went with the WC SC last year. I wanted a small radius to make the hill seem bigger. After a year on it, the novelty is wearing off. I suggest something about 16 m as a compromise ski. The SC will be able to handle any speed you will be able to muster out east, but doesn't have the same feel at LR as a ski made for that purpose. RC or SX11 or similar, unles you want to switch up at lunch hour from the GS. That would mean only seeing the bumps after they get icy though.
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You might try the Head I.XRC 1100 or 1200 SW (same ski, different years). Basically a cheater GS with race construction. I has definitely been a WOW ski for me - great fun and plenty of top end. Now that I've given you the sales pitch, I have a pair of 163's that I'd part with if you're interested.
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I have RX9s. I am 19 years old 5'8" 175 lbs and ski them in a 165 cm. Could definitely be the ticket. They absolutely rip on hardpack with no speed limit that I am willing to find. They bust through crud and are decent in bumps. I'm not much of a bump skier, but FWIW I think the short length helps to make them more manageable in the bumps as well as more adept in short turns.

Another suggestion would be the Elan Ripstick. Similar to the RX9 with a bit more sidecut. Can also be had for VERY CHEAP (with bindings) here: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...oduct_Count=15
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Think outside the box...

You've got your hard snow ripper and your early season/crappy day/rock skis. Go with something wider and playful (but still a performer) and get your butt in the trees - it's way more fun in there. 185 Volkl Karma maybe (these are great in bumps too).
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