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Ski Dictionary?

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Okay, so I was reading a post about a former WC skier who moved East and how he's trying to find the proper ski for the new conditions he will encounter.

One comment advised him "if you don't already know how to carver railroad tracks, better start practising."

Okay, I have no idea what carving railroad tracks means. I tried visualising it and all I came up with was Paul Bunyon on a pair of RR tracks blazing down the Alps.

That said, I was wondering if there's a dictionary of ski terms anywhere out there (I did a cursory search here on EpicSki and turned up nada).

The only dictionary I found on a normal Google was this:

It's pretty weak. For example, under "Crud" they have you click their link for snow conditions. They fail to list either "Corn" or "Boilerplate" or "Sun Cups".

So, is there a dictionary out there that has these types of terms as well as general and more esoteric skiing related terms?

You know, so somebody could learn the difference between "carve", "slide" and "slarve".

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What you really want is some sort of encyclopaedia about the sport.

...if only someone who knew a lot would write one. It's the kind of thing I think Bob Barnes could do a good job of...
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You may also need a regional thesaurus, ie:
San Juan Cement=mashed potatoes=mank=???
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WTFH, seems to me BB did in fact put together such a marvel. If I am not mistaken. I believe I have a cd copy in my office. Oh, and, I believe that last year there was a thread on this site defining common terms, at least terms relating to types of snow! WOW:
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such as "Sierra Cement" and "Packed Powder (aka "ice")" and any number of other terms that are indigenous to areas.

for example, as much as i've been skiing (20+ years) i'd never heard the term "gaper" until I went to JH over April/Gaper's Fools Day.

^ah-ha! I was searching "Ski Dictionary" not "Snow Types"

found this, but it was from 2001:

The term i've seen a lot on these forums is "cold smoke". I envision what that is, but am pretty sure I've never skied any. Then again I'd never skied grauple until last year and couldn't believe that was an actual known term (not ever having encountered any before).
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Looks like snow types are covered.

What about other terms, ie:
-Cheating Death:
-Ball Room Dancing
-Ear Outriggers
-Face Plant
-Railed Skis
-Yard Sale

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and "carving railroad tracks"!

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Ya know what? I think it would be nice to turn this thread into a Q&A thread,

How about if poster A asks; what is crud? Posters B, C & D say IMO crud is this and that.

Truth be told I am kinda new to the sport with 3 seasons of serious skiing under my belt and am not realy clear what "crud" is. I know it has to do with a type of ungroomed and less than fresh snow. I am sure that I have skiied in it, but IS crud?
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Crud is basically cut up powder. If you've skied a trail thats on the map on a powder day after 10 o'clock, then you've skied crud.
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Compared to comparatively consistent powder skiing, crud skiing can be highly variable. Depending on consistency, you can be back and forth plowing through dense clumps and out onto more skied off areas and will have to be more balanced & dynamic/reactive as you can be tossed fore and aft due to the variable conditions.
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OK, here's one we use in the Northeast -- "death cookies". They're disks of ice about the size of a cookie, left over from a pulverizing operation -- or whatever it's called when the groomer breaks up hard crust or ice.
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"Major Gaper" = L. Shull
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Thanks for the wiki link.

I now know that I was enjoying a rich bowl of wind packed off of Peak 7/8 in Breck last April. Some of the best skiing I had all season, especially since I had the gentle angled of much of the bowl all to myself for the first several runs (then i think folks saw the sun glinting off my sh@t eating grin and began following me).

I may start referring to Sierra Cement as "Elephant Snot" though I never knew Australia for having elephants. 'Roos, sure. 'Phants, hmmm.
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