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Boot fitting session with billy Kaplan!

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Where NJ/PA area. Actual shop is about 20 mins north of Philly right off 95. Easy drive from points in NY,NJ,CT,MD and of course, PA.
Who: Performance Pethodics, Billy Kaplan. 25 years experience, worked with Head,Blizzard,technology and tools and others including work on WC circuit.
800-283-2370 cantman@speakeasy.net

Coming off a very bad expericence with "fitter" in Beaver Creek at Gorsuch who is highly regarded, I was a bit sceptical about anyone who was referered to as a "pro". Once I got ahold of Billy, I could tell this was going to be different. billy is just setting up his own shop after many years of working through Langhorne Ski and working with local race programs. On the first call, Billy conducted an orientation of who I was, my skiing,body type and problems I perceived as having.

Billy approaches fitting on 3 planes of bodily motion, Frontal, sagital and transverse, not just two like most. He has a new, patent pending machine that was truly cool, but until OK'd by Billy, I can't describe (legal thing) , I will say that it is amazing!

Billy checked over my leg length, flexibility and bunch of other things, then he checked my allignment. He has a cool tool for this as well. After marking my knees, he used a lazer on a linear slide to assess phyical allignment that strikes a perfectly straight line from my toes , through the ankles, up the leg, hips and beyond; the entire knetic chain. Fortunately, I was in good shape there although I have pretty badly pronated feet with some allignment issues (I'm no dr.). A new version will show digital angle assessment tool that shows the any degrees of variance.

We started by allowing the foot to make better contact with the orthodic before moving to the next step by adjusting the footbed angle. The change was dramatic and a huge improvement. I never noticed that my foot was actually lifting off the bed allowing it to rotate up and to the outside. After measuring the forefoot angle, a shim was added to increase the connection of my forefoot to the the boot and minimized any twisting of the foot. This imporvement was also immediate. I started to feel really dialed in by this point.

By using his new tools, it was easy to actually view the changes to my stance in real time. He added a toe lift to the bottom of the boot after evaluating my stance as not being upright enough. Sure enough, there was a noticeable relief of pressure on my quads and hampstrings. I started to feel very stable.

Billy took my Nordica Hot Rods apart and had me stand in just the botom of the boots. Heres where he started to refine my fitting. It was really cool. In a short period of time, he had my foot really connecting with the boot and feeling really locked in. I can honestly say this was a truly unique experience and can't believe how well the boot feels. I have complete contact with the entire shell and bed. This is something that I never really felt before. I used to have to really clamp my boots down, but now, I have them much looser, just snug. I still may have to get new boots, something with lower volume and possibly a bit shorter shell length, from 315 to 305/10. Billy feels I would be better off and could punch and grind to fit. All other work done is one my footbed so I won't be loosing anything if I go to a new boot.

Anyone in the NJ/PA area who needs a truly professional fitter, needs to see Billy. PERIOD. Allow 2 hours for the session!
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Thanks Finndog!

It was a pleasure to work with you on your quest for better fit, alignment,
and efficiency. Now, lets all go make some turns!

Billy Kaplan
Performance Pedorthics
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I also want to add two thumbs up for Mr. Cantman. He solved an elusive and long simmering problem I had in my current boots, numbness in the front of the foot after a few hours of use.

He's got some way cool machines, too.
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I wanted to start a new thread to write a review of Billy Kaplan but when I read this one I thought it would be good to post it here in this 6+ year old thread. When I read the op's review I felt exactly the same way. I'm sure Billy has had many other satisfied skiers over these years.


I've never had such an experience. I always thought that a bootfitters job was just to make the boot fit your foot. Man, was I wrong. I had bought a pair of the Dodge ski boots from Billy but due to a family emergency I had to leave early before I had completed the fitting. I live about 2 1/2 hours away I finally had an opportunity to go back and finish.


After a series of measurement on his machinery and taking notes Billy made my footbeds. Then after getting the boots on with the new footbeds Billy had me roll my knees and make small edge angles. He showed me how my timing was off. Then he put some shims (for lack of a better word) under my boots and made some more notes. He also aligned my stance and took more notes. Then he took the boots went to work for another hour or so and said I was done. I may not have the steps exactly right because I was there for 5 hours but you get the idea. Billy's not just about grinding and punching to get a size 10 foot in a size 6 boot. He is about perfection.




I skied them twice since the fitting and they are perfect. I've never skied better and I can't thank Billy enough. He is a guy that really cares.



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Another satisfied customer. I spoke with Billy a few times before committing to having any work done. He was extremely polite and gave me his full attention and answered my questions professionally. Based on reviews here and on my phone conversations I decided to make the 4 hour drive to his shop.
I purchased a size 25.5 and 26.5 and brought both along. Billy spent quite a bit of time asking questions, assessing my feet, leg length, flexibiility, etc... Finndog does an excellent job in his original post regarding additional steps that were involved. To say Billy was very thorough is an understatement.
Ultimately he got me into the 25.5's with custom orthotics and 1.5 degree canted soles. I wear 9.5 shoes for reference. It was definitely worth the 16 hours of driving (I made two trips) and I highly recommend Billy Kaplan to anyone looking for an expert boot fitter.
I should add that I am in the plastics industry and found Billy to be quite proficient with his plastics knowledge. The technique he used for heating and fitting the shell is identical to a process we use for annealing and sizing a part we manufacture.
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One of the best! After working with Billy I saw amazing results in my skiing. Well worth the money and my skiing ability increased  and no issues with pain as I had for 3 years before finding Billy.

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Yeh, he's an amazing problem solver.   He's managed to make boots that were kecked up by three supposedly-top shops in a row skiable again. 

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