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New member, looking for some suggestions.

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Greetings Forums,

I'm a low-to-mid intermediate skier from the Houston, TX area.I just started skiing about 5 or 6 years back and I love to ski, but only get to go for about a week once a year. I generally make a trip out to Silverthorne, CO and ski the surrounding area. Mostly Copper and A-basin, but i have made a few trips out to Red Lodge, MT and Big Sky. Couple of days at Bridger Bowl. I'm pretty comfortable on upper mountain blues and venture onto the occasional black without any severe difficulty.

I'm about 5'9 165-170, been skiing on the same ancient Atomic Arc Soft SL 175s since I first stepped into skis. The thing is, I have no idea what to look for in a ski and don't really have any preferences. I don't really venture off-piste or do any powder skiing. I enjoy struggling through the moguls but unless I'm at winter park or something I tend to like to run the groomed trails.

What's a good solid basic ski for someone like me? Again, not too picky and haven't skied enough to feel subtleties in various skis. Based on what little I've been able to glean, perphaps a pair of Rossi Bandit X's might be a nice solid mid-level ski to carry me the next couple of years, but whadda I know? I like my trusty old Atomics, but I need to get on a shaped ski.
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Echo-niner, welcome to EpicSki!

Given the amount of time you spend on-snow, I'd like to make a suggestion. If you are coming back to Summit County this year, make an appointment to visit with Jeff Bergeron when you first arrive. Go in and visit him in his shop inside the Norway Haus in Breck and have him fit you into the right boot for you and get you balanced in it.

Then, just plan to get week-long demos every time you ski for a couple of years as you improve. This will give you a chance to try a wide variety of skis, see which style and feel you like, and let you narrow in on what's right for you. And if you find a pair that you really like, buy them then or buy them at the end of the season.

The boots are the key, though. They have to fit your foot (the shell, that is, not just the liner) and they have to be balanced for you.
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What ssh said.
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Great suggestions on the boot front. Here are a few ski suggestions in your performance range. First are some that are a nice fit for your preference for groomers. Followed by a couple that a little wider for softer snow.

Mostly groomers. Nordica SUV 10,12, Fischer RX-6



And a couple that are tad wider. Nordica Eliminator, Fischer AMC-73



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ssh is right on the money for a once a week skier ...

Put yer' $ into a great boot .... get em' tweaked that week and hit the better demo and rental stuff.

Think of all that gear you won't be dragging through the airport ... and you'll never be behind the power curve on the new stuff.
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Might as well close the thread. Nothing else can be added. You just got $1,000.00 worth of free advise.
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