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Final Ski Suggestions Please

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Heading to the Fort Lauderdale ski show tomorrow at 9am....

This is it for me - no more stalling:

Can only get 1 - 90% front side - 10% off-piste

Level 6/7 ish - higher at the end of this season for sure

Here is my really short list:

Not in any order - Last Years Models

Atomic Metron B5
Volkl Allstar
Head Monster 72

If I dont purchase at show and want to spend the extra bucks then

2007 AC3

But I dont think I want to spend the $800 right now... Maybe next year when the price comes down....


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Hey, no pressure!

None of these are especially easy choices.

Metron B5, many love it, some hate it. The ski is loved by people who like the auto-carve Atomic characteristic. The ski is disliked by people who dislike the auto-carve Atomic characteristic. If you have not demoed it, it's a risky buy. If you know it and like it, its a great ski to have.

Volkl Allstar, if your a strong high-speed skier it could be your ticket. If your not, you will need to really work for every turn.

Head Monster 72, a safe bet. No-one hates the ski, but its not as dynamic as the others.

The (all-new) 2007 AC3. I would assume it's a great choice based on Sierrajim's comments, but the 2006 version was a bit of a disappointment.

The Monster 72 is your best bet at your current skill level and as you progress for the next few years.


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I agree with barretscv that not only are these not easy choices, but most are not particularly good choices.

But, the im72 is the best choice of this batch.

Lecture voice on.............

If you are a level 6/7 skier why look at level 9 skis? A stiff powerful ski won't make you a better skier and it may well make you a worse one.

Lecture Voice off.............

Go the show, look around and if you find something,........cool, just don't, don't, don't buy over your head. If you don't find something, I can suggest 4 or 5 skis (depending upon size) for $400-$500 that will be a fit for you.

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thanks for the feedback.... I really thought those picks would get more support.......

Regarding my level, I may have understated it a bit... or not.... I can ski any groomed run with very good form and at varied speed... short turns, short long, carve , skid, etc.... Have problems in crud and bumps..... So many skill levels listed out there I thought I would keep it low.....

That said, If you email me your suggestions with prices I would appreciate it... If I see something at the show and you can match the price I would like to give a forum member the business....

I am 5'8, 170....

Thanks again

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Forget that list. Get a Fischer RX8. Get it in a 165, you won't be sorry.
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Out of your list the IM72.

If you really are a humble level 8, looking for an on-piste ski and come accross a sweet deal, the following choices come to mind:
Fisher RX8, RX9, WC
Atomic SX11
Salomon Equipe
Rossi Oversize
Elan S12, Ripstick

Probably a lot more but I either haven't skied them or just can't think of them at the moment.
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