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Originally Posted by MattL View Post
I don't have many photos of me actually skiing. I can count them on one hand. We just don't like to stop, get ready etc. long enough to take photos. I'm hoping that will change now that I have a decent digital camera.

Post your best/fav pic of you skiing.

Here is the best of the few I have ( I wish it showed some of the mountain too)
I don't know why but I am not seeing any pictures on my computer. How do you view and post a picture?


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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post
Not to be nosy, but just curious - what [roughly] are your FIS points? Those pics show some really great skiing.
My skiing has never been well represented through points :P

my best results score wise were in the 60s in tech and 44 in Speed but I never ever could get 2 runs through so my points hover round the 90 mark for slalom, 100 for GS, 78 and 84 for SuperG and DHC (1 run= fun)

at canada games I was 18th in SG, 20th in Slalom and 21st in GS (always top Canada District)

Thinking about it makes me wanna race some more
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Originally Posted by MattL View Post
TMAS - Love that slalom pic!
Oh I do :P but I'm 3 feet outside the gate... needs... tighter...line:

By the way does anyone know how to rip video from TS style format from a DVD? there is this "SICK" sequence of me racing that I realllllly want off the dvd :P
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some my favorites from last year.

first day back on skis 36 hours of Keystone December 1st

December 17th no friends on a powder day my ass, if i were to fall here I could of drowned it was fun and scary at the same time.

slaying the groomers at solitude during the maggot mini

Baldy powder goodness on Feb 12

Me as delusional backcounty skier, it was all for a good cause. man did those snowballs hurt

arc to arc powder sking? may 6th

Small but long huck May 6th

Baldy chutes, Alta May 22nd hiking/skiing 3000 2500 feet for dust on crust
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Originally Posted by TMAS29 View Post

The three first are on Mount Sima in Yukon, near Whitehorse.

The last one would be somewhere in Quebec, I don't remember though
yes! And that's some great skiing.
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Originally Posted by TMAS29 View Post
Oh I do :P but I'm 3 feet outside the gate... needs... tighter...line:

By the way does anyone know how to rip video from TS style format from a DVD? there is this "SICK" sequence of me racing that I realllllly want off the dvd :P
Yes. PM me.
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
yes! And that's some great skiing.
Why thank you
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Originally Posted by TMAS29 View Post
Why thank you
I like the fact that you only ski Atomic But why is your GS12 191cm and not FIS legal 183cm?
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I actually run on 186, I had 191 last year for line purpose, Fis is legal 180 and above for men :P
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Blackholm Glacer 7/29/06 Ice hurts bare shins.

Forgive the edits.... :

Attachment 2305
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Here is a picture of me skiing down the perfect spring corn of Vulcan Villarica in Chile's Lakes District. Even with the rental gear I had a blast.
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Originally Posted by goldsmjr View Post
Jeezz....I must be the youngest guy on the forum by a good thirty years. I'm 21, you all look old enough to be my dad/gramps...

Just kidding, kinda...

Anyways no wonder the NS people do not get along here. They are typically a bunch of dbags over there, everyone's there to save the world. Although discussion here is certainly geared differently, you guys are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. It's nice to see that.

dude i'm 12
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post

Ok, I started looking, and realized that I have very few pictures of myself skiing. Here is one from Squaw, and one race picture.

Where at Squaw is this? I don't recognize it. Granite Chief maybe?
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Me dropping Dragon's Teeth at Vail over break.

Photo by my best friend and ski buddy Kevan
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Chimney Chute, miracle March, 06 ?
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 Why is my head cut off . Would be my favorite

Now my favorite is Epic avatar picture
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These are from the 70's, but they're all I've got for now.

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This isn't the best photo of me, really, I mean I hardly figure in the picture at all. But it's one I'm kind of into right now (last Monday):

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Me skiing of a little drop at Cannon Mt....from last year

Me about to drop into Mittersill backcountry...from this year

Sorry I dont have many pics of me skiing I hope to take more this year...

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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post

OK this is not my "best" photo, but it is by far my favorite. In and of itself, the photo really isn't all that special, and the lighting is bad and all of that, but this was the look on my face on my second day back on skis following my ACL reconstruction surgery after skiing the hanging snowfield to lookers right of Crescent Moon Couloir near Tahoe.

It's just a reminder for me of what a great feeling it was to have put all that rehab work in following surgery and have it pay off. Cause sometimes when you're in the middle of rehab it just doesn't feel like you'll ever get back to where you were. Hell, even on the climb up to this peak, I didn't think I'd make as the swelling and lack of range of motion that still resided in my knee kept me from barely being able to climb up and over some rocky mixed climbing areas near the top. My friends had to literally grab my hands and pull me and my gimp knee over some sections.

click on pics to make 'em bigger.

photo as I came out the bottom (taken April '05):

and for giggles, what my lower leg looked like afterwards. I learned to not cinch the brace down too much after this

Congrats!!! That's fabulous!

I know the feeling. I've just gotten back on my skis after a 4 year break due to a fall through a deck causing a dislocated shoulder and a knee injury that finally I had total knee replacement this past March 09.

I just started sking again and it is awesome!! What a gift!

I don't have any pics yet, but I can't wait till I do!
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First photo is from Sugarloaf....2nd Deer Valley.
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Here is one rare photo from Meadows last week showing Leigh leading the way down Cascade.
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A bit of airtme:

Avatar photo from the same spot

Back around 1984 rocking Sierra Blanca on old skool GS 195s.
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From a couple of weeks ago. Blue Knob. Photo by Phil Pugliese
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Tyrone: nice cankles there bud, i had em for about 3 months after my acl scope too, hows your acl holding up now? solid as a rock? Great pics everyone. 
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Coming out of the bottom of Conundrum Couloir.
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That image is pretty sparce, lean, hard, and mean. .
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me skiin
Me rippin on the Mont Fort piste in Verbier.
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PNW baby!
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Probably the one in my avatar, unfortunately i've lost the original so i only have this really small and bad quality version :(
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