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Farewell to a good friend

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Those who attended the two Snowbird ESAs may want to know that our friend Barbara Haines passed away last night after a fierce struggle with cancer. Barbara and her husband Dick were avid skiers at Bridger Bowl, MT, and she was one of my ski students.

I will miss her so much. She was a Lady through and through and a great friend to EpicSki Academy, which she dearly loved attending.
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Please pass on my regards to Dick.
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We will miss Barbara and hold Dick in our thoughts and prayers.
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Nolo, I am so sorry for the loss.
Thoughts and prayers for all who are touched by this.
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Last winter Phil and I were skiing with Barb and Dick in some sweet snow conditions (=lotsa powder) at Bridger which they were positively ripping after the Snowbird ESA. Dick especially had a breakthrough and was skiing like Mr. Smooth down some fairly aggressive lines. Barb and I rode the chair together, Dick and Phil chattering nonstop on the one ahead (how the men like to talk!), and as we passed over "Flippers" under the lift, the snow looked so incredibly fluffy and deep, pocked with tiny airholes like foam, that I had to say so. Barb said, "Let's ski it." "Are you sure?" It's a double black diamond with a pretty intimidating rock band and OHP (overhead pressure from the chairlift). She said, 'YES!"

So we did. At one point she somehow got into a plie position, but she got herself unwound without falling and skied to the bottom of the the run beautifully.

I think Dick was pretty ticked off at me, but Barbara's satisfaction was worth any of the hard feelings.

I will always remember how lovely she looked coming down Flippers in deep powder. I believe it was her highest moment as a skier. What a run she had.
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My thoughts and prayers are with everyone concerned.
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So sorry to hear this. This seems to have been a season for death and dying.
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I didn't know Barbara but my condolences go out to those that feel her absence.
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I'm so sorry Nolo.
Hold your memories of her close.
Thinking of you.

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Thanks to everyone for your gentle words. I have pointed Barbara's husband, Dick, to this thread.

I know it's breast cancer month, and that's all well and good, but let's not forget to fund an attack against the real silent killer of women, ovarian cancer.
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Nolo, My condolences to you, the family and friends. I know only too well how such a loss afects us.

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Thank you, Bong. I look forward to meeting you at Aspen.
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My prayers and thoughts go with her and her family too.
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