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So what skis should I buy this year ?

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Pro-night' s coming a couple weeks and I think I'll get some new boards this season. I demoed a bunch the last couple years but the shop doesn't have all the models in the advanced range so it's kind of hit or miss. I most like skiing New England trees and bumps so think tight and varying conditions. I end up spending a good portion of the time on blue groomers. I'm 46yo, male, 180lbs, 6', PSIA LII. I ski up to moderately fast but not lightspeed. I want a good ski but I have no need to beat myself up with something made for a 20-something level 9 skier that gets to the gym three or four days a week. So, I'm thinking something one step below the most expert model.

Current boards:

Atomic R11 170cm. Stable, carve well. A tad stiff for tight eastcoast trees and bumps. Need to be very active to make short-radius turns.

I think I want something 14.5-16m radious, maybe 70-74mm waist, about 170cm.

Some things I'm considering--

Nordica Gran Sport S12
Nordica Gran Sport S14

I demoed the Nordica SUV 10 last season and really liked them but thought I wanted just a tad more ski. I guess the GranSport replaced the SUV but I'm not sure how the models compare. I demoed the Nitrous and didn't love it. I guess I just don't like skis when they get wider than about 75mm.

Head Monster IM 72

I demoed one of the Monsters a couple year ago and liked it but don't really remember the details. I figure the specs are about right.

So why Head and Nordica. I've owned Fischer, Atomic, K2, Volkl, Rossi, and Elan and thought it would fun to try a brand I haven't owned yet. Also, they have models with spec about what I'm looking for. I'll think about other suggestions too. I'll like have a choice of Nordica, Head, Rossi, Atomic (couldn't demo the higher end Metrons), Salomon (I kinda liked the 1080 but not sure if it's a ski I'd like to be on all the time), Fischer (didn't like the RX 8), and maybe a couple others.
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whatever you decide, move fast, a lot of the higher end gear is already sold out. Have a backup plan.
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Nordica's Speedmachines might be worth looking at.
There are a few reviews by ssh, dawgcatching, and others of one or two of the Speedmachines and Heads that are worth checking out.
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Why do manufacturings make so many freaking skis that are only slightly different.

GranSport s14 170cm r16 115-70-99

Speedmachine 14.2 170cm r15.4 116-70-102

Are they really that different or is one just a slightly tighter radius ??? I somehow doubt that have that many different constructions as they have models.
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The Gransport is an intermediate ski that isn't going to do jack for a skier like you. The Speedmachine is basically the same thing as your R11. Take this opportunity to start building a quiver rather than just acquiring a massive fleet of carving skis that all do the same thing.

My suggestions:
Nordica Hot Rod Modified- 74mm waist, fairly soft, very fun ski for allmountain use. Wide tip floats in the soft and vertical sidewalls carve up the groomed.

K2 Public Enemy- 85mm waist, stiffer twin, Good for tight trees because the twin tip doesnt allow the tail to get hung up in tight spots as easily. Universally regarded as a solid all-mountain ski and my own choice for an everyday ski, even on the groomed. Suprisingly nimble for an 85mm waist. Twins can be had for ubercheap on pro and shop forms.

Volkl AC3- 74mm waist, haven't skied it, but its pretty universally loved here for the skiing you describe. I suspect the AC4 will be too stiff and wide for what you plan to use it for.
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I demoed the AC3. My reaction was while there was nothing wrong with it, there was nothing special about it, at least to me. I've heard some other review it the same way.

The Modified does look like a possibility.
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