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somewhere in the sierras

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Originally posted by ryan:
Saddle Bowl - Mammoth Mountain. Banner Peak, and Mt. Ritter in the distance.
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now THAT is being specific.

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Originally posted by ryan:
now THAT is being specific.
Not quite. Now THIS is being specific. The picture was taken just below the summit of Chair 3 (Face Lift Express) which is to the right. The photographer is standing almost directly under the Gondola cable (maybe 20'-30' downhill from) where it crosses Saddle Bowl. Climax is to the photog's left-rear. There is a larger cliff (60') directly to the photog's left. Chair 23 is barely visible on the ridge in the distance. The runs sloping down from the left are (in order) 1) run-out of Hangman's, 2) Bottom of Cornice Bowl 3) Drop Out 1 4) Drop out 2 5) Drop out 3.

Now THAT'S being specific.
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Bullet (or whomever), what's the lift, upper right?

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Ryan, forget the specifics, how much for that add space? With then amount you post it should be worth a fortune.

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Originally posted by ryan:
Bullet (or whomever), what's the lift, upper right?

Ok. What was that movie with John Travolta? Phenomenon? "Details, Bob, Details".

The lift is the Upper Gondola - aka G2, Gondola 2, the Gong.

The view is from the top of Chair 3 (aka Face Lift Express) looking up. Actually it is taken to the left of Chair 3, part way down the ramp that leads to Saddle Bowl. Probably about 100' to the photog's left in this picture
Top of Chair 3

The wide open space to the right is Climax. The cliffs at the top are "Top of the World" - go to Top of the World Photo Album to see more.

The wide open bowl below the cliffs is "Upper Dry Creek".

Amongst the cliffs themselves (from left to right)-
Balls (hanging snow field in far left of frame - requires 30'+ air for exit), Serbe's (narrow slot just to the right of the Thumb on the sky line), Warner's, Juniors (can't see the full line because it angles right to left through the cliffs on both Warner's and Juniors), The Terraces(aka Tower Chute), The Pocket (aka The Cove), and the Diving board.

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Hey, bullet, do the chutes on Dragon's Back have names?
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Just skied there today...Getting kinda mush by 11:00.
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There are all sorts of obscure names out past Roma's. I have no idea who put "Beyond the Edge" on the map instead of the "Head (as in Dragon's Head)Chutes". The Mtn. has renamed all sorts of stuff over the years, especially in the chair 9 area. Remember Scorpion and Tarantula? Now they are Gold Hill and Ricochet. One of the more well know lines on the Tail is called "Old Faithfull", because it slides after almost every storm. The "Skateboard Park" is two windlips in a row, just below "Wazoo Rock". The second one is the best, and is perfect for spinning counter-clockwise. The small chute at the far skiers left of Wazoo Rock has lots of names, none of which I can remember. It can be tricky one though, as you ski facing a rock wall until it doglegs right.

By the way, ski patrol has thier own map, and it has a few more things on it than the regular map. Ask them nicely, and they might give you a copy. Of course, last year I had to explain to the patrol dispatcher where "Woolly's Woods" was. This year there was a Mtn.wide contest to find out who MJB's was named after. Even Gary Reitman, the patrol boss did not know. My friend ET knew, and got the prize ($10 Mammoth bucks, like Disney $). ET has a run called "ET's Crack" named after him. It is the quick straightline to a small drop in the rocks at the bottom of the P2/3 ridge.

Here are a few more fun names that are not on any maps:
Scooter Pie, MGM's, Bucks, Hollywood Bowl, Berger Bowl, the Box, Half Chute, Corner Jump, House Jump, the Camel Toe/James Bond, the Chimney Chutes, Pass 'n' Pocket, Pirate's Cove, Twighlight Zone, Etc... The list goes on forever. Some of them you have probably skied without knowing it, others are unknown for good reasons. The local groms could show you some, and probably many more than I know. Anyway, Mammoth is huge, and has tons of pokes, little and surprisingly big that the locals have named and renamed over the years. Interestingly, snowboarders have different names for certain places, as either skiers never told them, or did not want them to find them. Even fairly obvious things like the rock pillar half way up chair 22 have several names. It is called "the Thumb" and "Tuttle Rock" (Tom Tuttle was a ripping skier who became a member of the US Snowboard team, and kills it on anything) depending on who you talk to.

My favorite poke? I'll never tell, but if you come visit on the right day, I might show you.
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Originally posted by helispin:
Even fairly obvious things like the rock pillar half way up chair 22 have several names. It is called "the Thumb" and "Tuttle Rock".
It's amazing all the names there are. Depends on the crew you're skiing with. I was told several years ago that that rock was "Cowboy Rock" (because of it's show-off potential right under the chair). On the Mammoth Forum there was some discussion of what is "The Cove" vs "The Pocket" and what is "Tower Chute" vs "The Terraces". It kind of always comes down to who you talk to. After 10 years skiing at Mammoth I'm still learning all the little names. This year was when I first learned that the billy goat lines through the Top of the World even had names.

I was riding the gondola with my friends and an unnamed ski instructor. My friend was telling me about this great little crack in the rocks by P2/P3 with a descent air exit. Finally the ski instructor speaks up and says it's "ET's Crack". The name on instructer's jacket? ET. Here's a shot of it - ET's Crack The two rocks sit on top of another, forming a gap. You can't see through it in this photo, but it's there. Here's another shot ET's Crack 2 But even ET's Crack goes by at least two other names. Heck I'm still trying to remember where Christmas Bowl is (a main run off of Chair 3). [img]smile.gif[/img] As long as the person you are skiing with knows where you are going, I guess that's all that matters.

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