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How do I get to Canada????

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Hi there, My family and I are planning a trip out west( Canada if possible) during the first week of April. I then started to research flights and lodging over the internet and I was very surprised to see how expensive flights are ( even from Florida were we currently live. ) I'm basically wondering what is the cheapest way to get to Canada, if there is a cheap way. Our should my family and I give up on Canada all together and just go to Colorado again. Any feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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If you're trying to get to Whistler you might want to fly into Seattle and drive north. It's about a 5 hour drive. If you want interior BC Spokane might work. I have not looked at prices, but driving time to BC from both places is not too bad.
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Based on my experience you can either fly to Calgary and then drive the Trans Canadian Hyw. to Kicking Horse or any of the other areas you pass before getting there (Sunshine, Lake Louise, etc.), or you can fly to Spokane, WA and drive to Red Mt., Whitewater, Fernie, Panorama, etc.
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try westjet, they have flights from
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Just go to SLC. Flights are amoung the cheapest in the country and it's a refreshing alternative to CO.

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At new york make a right
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Coldzion44. You didn't say where youre coming from but heres a little info.:

Fly into Spokane, Washinton (United, Southwest, Alaska). From there you can drive to: Mt. Spokane (40min) small/med area
Schweitzer, Idaho (1hr25min) Med/big area
49Degrees North, (1hr15min) Med area
Canada: Red Mountain (1hr35min) Rossland BC good web site
Whitewater then Kimberly then Fernie then Big Mt. Montana andback to airport in Spokane. Or you can stay at one area or two, check their website. The route I stated above will take you in a circle and then b ack to airport. There are other areaas also within the circle. Silver Mt. Idaho and Lookout Pass Idaho.


Fly into Calgary and Sushine, Lake Louise Banff area. and there is Kicking Horse and Panorama.

General recommendations: AWD or 4x4 car rental. Check on your vacation times with Canadian Holidays to avoid crowds. Check on snow. Do search on epic for Kicking Horse thread and you'll see why. Midweek, non holiday skiing is epic, no Calif Tahoe/Colorado crowds. You'll think you died and went to skiers heaven if the weather nice. Good Luck
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Zion44, If you decide to do this or variation get on epic and inquire about snow or PM me and I will help. there are several bears in Canada and one in Nelson. Also I have made some inquiries about Cat skiing in the Nelson area. Its pretty expensive around $350 a day but they have a standby for a little over $100 so if youre stay close you can go standby and safe some serious beer money.
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Jet Blue sent out an email recently promoting special early booking prices. Have family in Seattle, so I checked RT prices for 2 adults to Seattle (BOS-SEA) in December and was surprised the price was around $350 total.

Just checked Ft. Lauderdale -> Seattle for the first week of April (2 adults, 2 kids) and came back with $2,600+. Not what I expected. Might want to keep playing with dates and departure/arrival locations. I thought the deadline for booking was Oct. 5.

Also just checked AMEX corporate and FLL ->SEA ($352pp) is less than 1/2 the price of FLL -> YVR (Vancouver) $747pp

Hope you find something that fits.
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They usually have the best package prices to Canadian resorts. If the prices are not posted on the website give them a call, they are very helpful and reliable. I have used them twice in the past and have received very good value and service.
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Go to the flight reservations page at and type in your cities and dates for pricing info. Be sure to look for flights for a variety of nearby cities. Also try the flexible dates option in addition to exact dates of flights. I tried a couple things and came up with Apr 1-8 from Ft. Meyers or Orlando to Seattle for $370. Tampa or Orlando to Salt Lake City was around $425-443. Prices went down about $100 from these when I used flexible dates. Play around with it to see if you do better or worse for your exact preferences. These may not be best prices, but gives you a starting idea of what's out there.
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Originally Posted by skidbump View Post
At new york make a right
Don't do it! Coming from Florida, you'll get wet.

On a serious note, first week of April might be a little late in the year for some places. If you're looking for spring conditions and corn, it's probably the right time. Other will probably have more specific info if you could name a hill.
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Canada in April

By that point in the year the best skiing is probably Sunshine/Louise or Whistler. Most of the other big Western Canadian hill's will be staying open till Easter Sunday, but the conditions will definitely be spring-like. I can't vouch for Whistler, but at Sunshine and Louise you will still have a good chance of excellent snow and perhaps a powder dump or two. I usually consider April a prime skiing month at Sunshine and wait until May to start complaining about the conditions. Check out Tony Crocker's site for historical snow records:

Westjet usually has very competitive fares on the Orlando/Calgary run, but be advised this means competitive in the Canadian market (C$700 or more per ticket). The Spokane and Seattle routes are probably the most cost-effective. Also remember if you fly in to Calgary or Vancouver your family will need passports to return to the U.S. If you drive across the border you can still get by on driver's license and birth certificate.
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