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PF or joint pain? READ THIS

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I have Plantar Faciaiitis (PF) and knee issues and I order the liquid glucosamine from www.therapyzone.com and it does wonders for my knee pain and meniscus problems. Best price and quality on the net. If you order some, tell them "bday" sent you. The best $25 you've ever spent.

Alot of good information about alignment/stretching can me found at www.egoscue.com Very specific back exercises for your posture or type of problem.

Also found this out from a marathoner work associate. Use a good antiperspirant/deodorant on the soles of your feet to control or eliminate sweating and odor.
He starts applying it a week before a race and never has blisters. Just thinking about the translation to skiing...something to think about and try if you're feet sweat and you get blisters. Of course, make sure you're wearing SKI SOCKS!!
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Hey I'm not a spammer...I have nothing to do with either website and I'm not a deodorant manufacturer or seller. I do tend to sweat alot though!
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