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Can I get some MA my epicski brothers!!! (video of Highway Star) - Page 27

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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Can we? Of course. Will we? No. No need. This thread has served and is serving a good purpose and there is no reason to delete it.
Thanks for leaving it.

FWIW, this thread is helping me as a skier. There are a ton of good tips in here for people like me (and HS?) who are good, relatively aggressive, but untrained.
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It's baaaaaaack..........
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insert [suicide gremlin]
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27 pages wow
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Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post
Sigh.......oh Greg.....I feel so, so sorry for you. It must be so tough to go through life with blinders on.

I guess this is what happens when someone fully buys into the racer/technique centric mentality, and is gullible enough to stick with it. Several people I know like that eventually got so turned off by skiing that they quit skiing entirely and took up snowboarding, because it was much more fun.

You are probably the least qualified person to critique my ski technique. I posted 3 videos, and in all three (note: here I am refering to the first half of the superstar vid with the headwall, not the second half which has been discussed in detail) I'm skiing combinations of terrain and snow conditions that you not only couldn't ski, but have probably never even encountered. If put in those conditions, you would attempt to apply your "refined" technique, yet would fail miserably. All the groomed snow perfect techinque in the world won't get you down those trail sections. Sorry.

I see you spend most of your time skiing the hills around Buffalo NY, which we all know is a skiing mecca. How is Greek Peak, by the way....nasty? I'm not disrespecting small ski areas, in fact, I grew up on one. Thankfully, my home area had many steeps, a liberal ski patrol, several obvious cliff bands, and off-piste trails. We had a very real alternative to racing....I've known several semi-pro (sponsored) skiers and snowboarders to come out of there. Have you ever seen a backflip performed at your local area, in person? I have, by multiple people. How about a floated 720, on 205cm gs skis? How about a double back flip over a steep 50 foot table top, by one of the lift operators.....?????!! The depth of talent displayed at this area is quite astounding......and I grew up there, hanging out and keeping up with all of them. My brother came out of there and went on to be a nationally competive halfpipe rider for several years, and one of the top pipe riders in the northeast......I've known more talented skiers and snowboarders than you'll ever meet....especially if you keep skiing around buffalo all the time.

My skiing is highly variable and largely self taught. I pride myself on my ablity to vary technique constantly, on different skis and on different snow conditions. I can assimilate new techniques very, very quickly. I have a few bad habits (specifically excessive arm motion and unweighting), but I'm aware of them and accept them. You have no clue about how many different ski techniques I can ski, or how quickly I can learn them.

This year, I'm going to ski 70+ days between Stowe, Killington, Sugarbush, MRG, Jay Peak, Cannon, and Mt. Washington.....I'm in a house within striking distance of all those areas, and have a pass at Stowe and Killington. At each of those areas, I will be constantly seeking the most challenging terrain and snow conditions I can find. Where are you going to ski.....Holiday Valley...and a trip out west?

I'll be around Stowe or Killington every single weekend between opening day and closing day. Any time you want a reality check, please feel free to stop by.

Yo, HS was that you with the Jordache jeans and NFL Bills Starter Jacket or were you the guy with the ass pirate stickers on your (give me)Head i88's?
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The only thing I can find to say after watching that video is.....
Oh my gawd.........

I am so glad I live in Colorado.
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Whatever happened to this legend?

Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post

Finally I can post vids.

Poaching Devil's Fiddle with very little snow, this was a pocket of untracked melting out manky snow below the rock bands and above the rock garden...so before you make any comments about backseat skiing, make sure you consider the type of snow...Feb 4, 2006

Ripping a line right off the summit triple at sugarbush...Jan 28, 2006.



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You trying to stir the pot, Cirque?


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LOL...Me? popcorn.gif


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Can't believe it was the winter of 06 that the vids were filmed. I kind of miss the "banter" HS created here. Hope you're doing well if you're still out there HS and still skiing .


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Checking thread statistics...

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I can't believe you bumped this.  Wonder what our friend HS is up to these days?

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I needed to find out how many views it got for my Best Thread Ever in General Skiing. This one was nominated!

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I thought you'd be bigger.
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nolo - For me, this thread's not about quantity of posts or statistics, it's about content and this one just kept giving!  Actually, a lot of the content was excellent once you separated the wheat from the chafe. For me, though, it was absolutely entertaining!

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Wonder what our friend HS is up to these days?


Apparently he tired of the lame competition and terrain offered here in the States, and headed off to explore mystical, remote mountaintops in Europe and Asia. After much searching I discovered a video on youtube.

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Quads of steel.  That is some serious tailgunning action right there.

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That can't be him, HS only skis in jeans. Must be his mentor.

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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post

That can't be him, HS only skis in jeans. Must be his mentor.


And there are none of HighwayStar's "mandatory GS turns."

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