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New Drive-Train (alert)

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Gotta post 'cause I'm giddy on my new purchase and I can't sleep.
Nordica Jet Fuels 186/ Salomon Falcon 10 with new footbeds.
I chased the AC4, but japan orders went in last summer, a total of three pairs made it to the country's distributer: No more till spring. The Jet fuel was an easy fill and I'm taking one of two pair in the whole of Japan. (Isn't that insane? Even the salesman was laughing. perhaps that super-small niche of off-piste skiers in japan bit me in the bum come purchase day.) There are a few fat skis available, 1080 gun, gotama, B-squads, but not many mids. already have a gotama/fritsche.
Should I be stoked?
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Of course you should be.

I bought a pair of 1080 Guns the end of last season. I also enjoyed the B-squads too. It was a hard choice. But I don't ski deep snow ever often.
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That Falcon 10 is a sweeeet boot..good luck.
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