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I just played around with the advanced features and it gave me dynastar big troubles. good match :-)
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Haha ... thanks hooked. Nice to here the algorithm worked for you! It has been tweaked for a couple weeks now and we are finally getting closer to the 'optimal' algorithm. Thanks.
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Pretty good! I've been researching skis for my sister and her boyfriend all weekend and this yields quite similar results.

All I can suggest is a broader choice the Novice/Intermediate/Advanced.
Terrain is a must - skis for an Advanced Easterner and Advanced Westerner are quite different.

Also, it would be great if you included skis like:

PM Gear (Bros)
and the like.

Keep up the good work!

BTW - are you missing the Rossi B-Squad?
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Cool tool, Mark and Troy I wish it had been around last year, but the sales rep did a pretty job of getting me on Bandit Xs...
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OldSchool ... which other styles would you like to see. Did you have a chance to look at the advanced tab ( We spent a lot of time trying to make the wizard simple enough for a new skier and the advanced tab to provide the power required by an experienced skier BUT we are always looking to improve so let me know what you recommend.

JamminSki ... thanks! Good to hear it worked for you as well.
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Well, it took a while but the tool has lots of the updates you asked for and now helps you find the lowest price on skis (look on any skis page to find prices on most skis). We would still be interested in doing a coop-review system if you guys would like too.

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Originally Posted by markanite View Post
Fischer fans: Your live now.
The site is fun to play with. I noticed though that the Fischer RX-8 doesn't show up in the Fischer lineup although it may well be among their most popular skis. Others in the RX series namely the RX-6 and RX-9 are included.

Anyway, best of luck with your efforts.
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Mark that is terrific! FINALLY a tool for finding skis. Wish I knew about it a few weeks ago. I was always searching the net looking for a list to compile. Especially if you want to demo, you can get some ideas right on your site.

I can only imagine that you will expand into more details as time goes on. Flex would be good, but I assume you took that into consideration with the skier ability. It would be nice to have more than 3 categories... but thats just my 2 cents.

keep up the good work
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I like the way skis were rated in the September 2006 issue of Skiing Magazine. They rated skis in terms of trade-offs, power-finesse, carve-float. In addition they give a speed, turn, off-piste, corduroy rating.

It is all about trade-offs.
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there needs to be a way to sort out integrated binding systems for those of us who tele or just dislike system bindings
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Good idea, but I think it still needs some tweaking re: women's skis.

If I use the wizard to find a groomer ski for an advanced female skier, I find I get a lot more results than I would have expected. Mainly, I think some skis are included in the advanced list that should not be.

For example, the K2 First Luv comes up as an option for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced female skier types. The K2 First Luv is pretty much a beginner ski, and shouldn't show up in the Advanced listing. Same with the Volkl AC--probably shouldn't show up in the Advanced listing. There may be others, but those two caught my eye right away.
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Great job!!!

Here is an enhancement idea for the future... You may want to consider having models from previous years serving el Cheapos like myself who like to shop for bargains which are left over or used. It would make a good tool to be placed in an event like a local ski swap.

If you can't get data from the manufacturers, you can solicit from this community. Unlike in groups like, you have a dedicated pool of skiers here where you should have no problem collecting good information.

Good luck!
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Good job!!
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Interesting ... and fun to mess with.

Using your tool -- and those of the manufacturers I like -- I've narrowed my list to (with what I lean *more* toward in green....)

Snoop Daddy
Sugar Daddy

AMC 79

Magfire 12 Green

XW Blast
XW Tornado
Teneighty Gun

Titan Nine

If anyone cares to comment, go ahead. My favorite ski was the Atomic RS (210cm). Right now I'm skiing Rossi 9X-Pros (191cm -- my concession to shorter skis). The Rossi's are not as stable at speed -- or in crud -- as I remember the "Red Sleds" to be....

I am 6'2" ... 200 ... LOVE steeps and deeps (but "reality" is that I only get to ski these conditions about 25% of the time) ... prefer the Old School "GS flex" ... like bumps (but only do about two bump runs a day).

Even though friends who raced always tried to get me to do so, I've never skied a gate in my life. I avoid Terrain Parks like the plague. My "tricks and jumps" days are long behind me.

Alta and "The Bird" are my favorite places to ski, but I ski Copper and A-Basin the most. I want a one-ski quiver.

- KK
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I love the tool, but it seems that some of the buying links have disappeared. Anybody else having the same problem?

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I just found your tool, which is fun.

I had mused over doing something similar but based on previous years models (even more stuff to enter into a DB) since I buy my skis mainly from ski swaps & ads and can't afford this years models (I thought I read someone else suggesting this, but I couldn't find the thread.)

You would need to add fields for model year & original MSRP, as well as a filter to exclude old stuff from the users search, or just offer a third tab for prior year model selections. What do you think ?

Anyone else interested in having an online resource for looking up basic data on older skis ?

Have sent a pm on a data error I found.

Keep up the good work
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I apologize about the delay. Yes, prices come and go all the time due to out of stock issues, price changes etc. We have a much easier to use system now that can be found here:

This allows you to obtain the lowest price on 192 skis, and over 400 ski accessories. It was launched today. Any opinions / feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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