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Ideas for new gear needed

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Hey all, just registered since the weather is getting better and better.

Height - 6'4"
Weight - 195lb
Age - 23
Skier ability - Advanced, now wanting to push it further as I have more free weekends and a season's pass.
Days skied each season - 5 to 10, 15 last season, but looking to hit 30 this year due to month long Christmas break.
How long have you been skiing - 10 years off and on (depending on other sports commitments)
Where do you ski - Tremblant, but known to head over for powder days at Jay.

Here's the deal... A few years ago I got a decent intermediate setup that kept up with my abilities until last season, when I got a good, solid 15 days in. I could feel how I was progressing and starting to push the limits of my skis (190cm Dynastar Max Power). By the end of the season, I was left wanting more. Keeping an eye on my 13 y.o. cousin and his friends had me thinking about twin tips for a while, but was never impressed with their stiffness (soft tip/tail for butterin').

I thought about it... I'm not really a park person, but am very athletic (excel at 2-3 sports) and can muscle through turns. I feel very comfortable attacking ungroomed runs, but hate moguls with a passion. I also like higher speeds and am known to enjoy flight over some natural rollers. I was considering Rossi Bandit B2's, but after talking to one of the guys at the local shop, he suggested the Atomic SX10. Any others that come to mind?
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Fischer RX8, or WC
Elan S12 or Rippstick
volkl Allstar
Head Supershape, IXRC1200, ixrc1400chip
Many more....

Membership for realskier.com reviews.
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Partly agree with Ghost, but I'd emphasize carving skis built to handle an improving big guy at speed, and some a touch wider for those Jay days. Consider:

Volkl Allstar
Nordica Mach 3 carbon
Atomic IZOR 9:7 or M11B5
Stockli Cross (not the Pro)
Fischer RX9
Dynastar Contact 11
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into some of them tomorrow when I check out a few more shops around town.
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