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Which two ski's for the wild west?

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If you were 21 and Australian and were off to Aspen for 4 months what pair of ski's would you get to compliment a pair of Volkl 724 EXP (which I already own in 177cm)?

A bit of background: I am 176cm tall and 80kg and am advanced. I like moving quickly edge to edge rather than big radius stuff... I found that the 724s really didnt handle the steeps and crud of NZ well - I think they are too long for me or are just too stiff for those sorts of conditions (or both)?

am looking for a quiver that allows me cut quick edges on piste yet wont hold me back when I move up to Highlands Bowl or some trickier/deeper off-piste stuff? Should I get a pair of 5-stars (or the like) for piste and try and rely on the 724's for off-mountain or go the other way - get a pair of mid-fats for off-piste and rely on the 724s as my small-mountain ski's?

Pretty excited so any help would be great, cheers
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Dynastar 8800
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Ditto on the 8800s. Try 'em and you'll like 'em. They'll easily do everything you appear to be looking for.
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Sounds like you're here for a season. So no-brainer: 724's plus a serious fatty. And while I really like the 8800 as a one quiver ski for Aspen, makes no sense if you already have a decent midfat. Get something like a Gotama or a Blower or Legend Pro Rider XL for those epic pow days at Highlands and Snowmass and use the 724 to ski the slush and scrape between dumps.
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Originally Posted by Tom Nolasco View Post
If you were 21 and Australian and were off to Aspen for 4 months
I would use my accent to get laid every night.

Oh wait, what was the question? Oh yeah, 183 or 190 gotamas.
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Just read your other thread. Agree with SJ that your 724's are too big and stiff. Also note that skiing Highlands last season, the biggest skis I saw on patrol folks were Legend 8000's. (Unfortunately, Aspen doesn't get the same weather patterns as the front range.)

So I'd suggest two alternatives, both mean selling your 724's: 1) Get some new fats that fit your style and size as suggested by SJ. Last year's 8000's or AMC 79's can be had for 5 bills new.

Or 2): Use the money for pair of used fat carvers (Volkl AC3's or such), and then invest in something wide for the dumps. Salomon 1080 Guns come to mind, or if you're really committed to game improvement, shortish Gotamas.

It all depends on whether you want to focus on the big dumps every 10 days or the more common crud and pack between storms.
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Two ski quiver:

Volkl Supersport All Stars for on piste/carving some crud/light powder or Rossi Z9's.

PM Gear Bro's (Softie 179 for your weight/height) for your powder/crud/off piste ski.

One ski quiver:

Dynastar Legend 8800's (others may disagree, but not the shortest turning fattie) if you are looking for more powder/crud/off piste than front side ski).

Legend 8000's for a 50/50 ski and if you like a lot of lively feedback from the ski's, but not the best option for busting crud.

Rossi Bandit B3 (pretty damn good for everything except they are a bit of effort on quick/short turns, although many ski them quite well in the bumps). Very damp ski.
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You got your Volkl 724 EXP with 71mm waist for piste skiing and your right it is probably too long for you. If you want to trade these in for shorter Volkl 5 star 168cm awesome carver (piste groomed only) or Volkl AC4 unlimited (170cm) 50 off pisted and 50 on piste go for it. Note the waist width on Vokl 5 star is 68mm and AC4s is 82mm. The AC4 radius carve is very good for such a wide ski. The 5 stars will definitly be better on boiler plate hard pack then the AC4s.

Most important now you need a backcountry wide off piste deep over the knee powder ski. This requires a wide ski of 95mm waist or wider. Something like the Volkl Mantra
http://www.volkl.com/ski/freeskiing_mantra.html in 177cm length or Rossignol B-Squad in 174cm length or Rossignol Scratch BC WRS in 171 or 177 length. If you really want to go back country and earn your turns you may want to set these up with some alpine touring bindings like a Fritsche Diamir binding. You will need a good set of skins for climbing. Don't forget you need an Avalanche safety beacons and shovels/probes/backpacks

Good luck
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Originally Posted by zion zig zag View Post
I would use my accent to get laid every night.

Oh wait, what was the question? Oh yeah, 183 or 190 gotamas.
Thanks tips, definately food for thought...Especially zion, I will trade you my accent for a set of Vokl 5-stars??

In an ideal world I would love to be able to sell my 724s and buy a pair of carvers (5-stars prob) as well as a pair of midish fats/all mountainers...how much do you think I could offload a set of 724s for, given that they are in as new condition?

In response to beyond, if I cant get a good trade on the 724s then I will have to stick with them and go for a useful compliment. Do you reckon I rely on the 724s as my all-mountainer and buy some powder/bc sticks for the steeper/deeper? What do you reckon of twinnies like K2 public enemies? and if so, what size?

again thanks alot for all the help...
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If you have to keep your 724's, they'll be a big stiff crud-buster medium/long radius ski. Still a nice ski, you'll love them doing 40 mph on the frontside, but too stiff and narrow for powder. So as I said earlier, go for a ski that's significantly wider and hopefully softer. Also as I said earlier, the 1080 Gun fits the bill nicely. That'd be my top pick for you.

Twin tips work well as pow skis (I owned PR's) but realize they are designed for competing tasks; the raised tail lets you ride switch, wiggle through tight spaces way easy for a fatty, but also are typically wider than classic tails. That and the raise creates counter-lift against the tip. Meaning you won't float as easily at the same speed. You'll also lose out on groomed at the last third of each turn. Life's a tradeoff.

Public Enemies are well regarded, but not as big a surface area upgrade from the 724's, and more optimized for switch, air etc. (Check out PhysicsMan's radius calculator, sticky on front page, to figure SA.) You might also think about the Bros or the Nordica Enforcer. Point is, there are a lot of respected pow skis out there that will work for you, just stay north of 95 mm and if you buy stiff, like a Goat or Enforcer, go shorter than you would for a Salomon or K2.
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Keep the 724's, they will be fine for most early season skiing and you probably couldn't sell them for very much.

How fat your next ski is would depend on were you work or live and were you think you will ski the most.

If you live or work in town, you will end up on Aspen Mt. most of the time. The gondola is just too convenient and you get the most vertical in the shortest amount of time. For a newbie, I wouldn't go over 90mm at the waist. The lines are good and the bumps aren't that big, but there are a lot of them.

Highlands is tricky because you can ski a very big ski in the bowl, but the drainages down to the Deep T lift are gnarly. Big bumps without any rhythm and early in the season, lots of rocks. It will get better as they thin more trees out between the drainages, but that's the way it is for now. Most people only hike the bowl once or twice a day anyhow. So I would pick 90mm ski again.

If your working or living is Snowmass you will end up skiing there and could get away with a much fatter and longer ski. Not many bumps and not a lot of traffic on the steeper stuff.

You probably are going to be working for the Ski Co and won't know were you will be stationed until you get here. I would imagine that you will be in Ski Co housing out by the golf course which is kind of between everywhere.

Unless you can get a really good deal in Oz, I would wait until you get here and demo. If you can't wait or can get some super deals since they had a crappy season. I would pick up some 8800's, 777, outlaw's or maybe some Gun's. I wouldn't go much fatter for your first year.

Have a great season, your going to love it! Look me up after you get all dialed in.
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This is certainly a different spin on your previous thread. I'll suggest first that you not forget that you have a problem with the skis that you have. IE: they are too long and stiff. To me that suggests that a long stiff ski should not be on your agenda at first.

I personally believe that it is much easier to over-equip yourself rather than under-equip. Also, I'm not 100% sure that you need two pr.

Things to keep in mind.
  • Life will not end if you don't have a giant powder ski.
  • True, you won't be as cool without one, but your accent will make up the lost cool factor........
  • Colorado snow is much easier than what you are accustomed to.
So...........................a few suggestions.
  • Avoid stiff skis.
  • Avoid overly long skis.
  • Your 724 is not working for you so keeping it is going to handicap you for the times when you will use it.
  • Dump the 724 for what you can. Anything with the Volkl name will draw a decent price.
  • If you are going to buy one ski, make it one that you can enjoy regardless of the conditions. Even in Colorado, a very fat ski is never really necessary. (sure, it's nice to have sometimes, but not really necessary)
One Ski............A mid fat ranging from 80-88mm (ish) will do it all for you. Avoid overly stiff skis in this category. You will not die if you you get out in a three footer, and skis of this type will handle all the more common conditions easily. The operative thing to remember here is that you need to get the ski to flex in order to turn it.

Good choices.........................
Dynastar 8K or 8800
Rossi B3
Atomic Snoop Daddy
Salomon X-wing Fury
Fischer AMC 79

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I'm nowhere near as educated/experienced/knowledgeable as SierraJim, but I'm riding the following that fit within his waist parameters:

Volkl Karma (87 waist)
Blizzard Titan 8 (80 waist)
AK No Ka Oi (78-80 waist)

I've never skied Aspen, but have spent quite a bit of time skiing in Summit County, Colo. I found my Karma's were excellent last season at Breckinridge.
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Thanks for all the tips fellas, definately food for thought and I just cant get enough of that at the moment! Pretty excited really...

SJ, thanks alot for the help mate on both strings!....very very useful stuff, just good to get some independent thoughts b/c ski stores (hear anyway) just plug the same old gear from the same old manufacturers... + it is interesting b/c it is rare to see Dynastars in oz but you all plug the legends big time...Last pair I saw in Oz were a pair of 204 straight sticks that my old man had in the 80s!! things have changed a bit i suppose...

It is going to be a shame to pass on the 724s after so little time with them especially since whatever I get in the West I have to bring back with me and B3s (etc) just arent going to cut the mustard on Oz snow...I suppose I can offload the 724s and go 80-85mm underfoot and still pull it off in Oz as well as in colorado?

never really skiid something that wide underfoot so just a bit curious as to how they perform all mountain, especially on piste ...

thanks for all the tips though guys, keep them all coming! I just cant get enough of anything ski related at the moment!
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