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shud i buy new pow skiis?

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I am skiier in the east in canada and regularly ski treblant, st anne, vermont, and others. This year i will be going to BC for the second time (last year i went to whistler with my dynastar omecarve 9's which are slalom skiis) the omecarves are great here in east but they were C R A P over there. This year i'm planning on going to kicking horse in febuary for 12 days and am thinking if i should consider purchasing new skiis, something all mountain style but also twin tips. While at whistler i demoed 1080 foils and i absolutly loved them so light, floated in powder and they were just amazing. or another option is to rent at kicking horse they're high performance thing for 12 days but that will end up costing as much as new skiis and i don't even know what it will be till i get there. If i decide to sell the omecarves at a ski show coming up in toronto at tke trade thing how much can i expect for them, edges are in great condition heck... lol... i'll just tune them before i go there if it is worth selling them for more, they have look p12 bindings anyone know how much approx???

thnx for all the help
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If you're going back to Whistler why not demo the Priors?

I personally haven't tried them, but they're local Canadian boys making those skis and they do quite a bit of demoing (plus they're really good about replying to email inquiries).


They're supposed to post their demo schedule in November.
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At 12 days, yes buy skis before the trip.

Given the bad winter last year back east, you should be able to find some good deals. Plus, there is always eBay. There are some “Buy Now” Foils w/ binding for $399.
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proir are nice but too expensive for me.. im student...lol. uhh yeay so i will probably endup with the 1080's or maybe line's cus most of them are on sale now, there both "kinda" fat so they will do good on powder but they will still be good for the east... anyone know how much i cna take for the dynastar omecarves from 2004 with look p12 binding???

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Unless you're just trying to "convince yourself", you should never ask "should I buy skis?" in this forum. The answer is always YES, of course you should buy skis, the more the merrier. We are all addicted to skis.

Hi, I'm Richard and I'm a gearoholic...
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uhm...buy skis....yes
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Choose wisely . Buy new or buy well. Otherwise you'll spend nearly the same amount renting (hiring?)and have nothing to show for it but a good time. '
If you treat them well and decide not to keep them you can recoup most of your funds back by reselling them .
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new skis

i know i dont have to say this but hell yes buy new skis....the foils are a good stick...also give volkl karmas a try if u can find some i chose them over foils
ull find the karmas stiffer and yet still floaty...peace
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Yes, buy skis. The shop in TJ's thread is in your area and has some great deals.


Somebody needs to sack up and get the 194 Lp's, that's a smoking deal.
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buy skis yes! Support your sport, and get a ride that you can use on good dumps back here in the east. hell ifJay even has a semi decent year, you will be able to pull those out every now and then.
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I'll address part of your question: the omercarves. What year are they? I'm guessing you will not be able to get a lot for them if they are more than 2-3 years old and have seen some use.

Skis very often lose 40-50% of their value once they have been skied and are one year old, especially if they are discontinued (Dynastar no longer makes this line). C'est la vie.
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