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wide feet

HI Jeff,

I am a 55 YO male short and stout 200# 5'6". My foot size is 7.5 and
4E-5E width. I ski 20-25 days/yr. split almost evenly between east and west. I am advanced skier and love the trees and edges. I don't look for bumps anymore but ski them if they are there.

I am currently in 5 YO Tecnica Rival X9 HVL that I have done some modification for a bony knob on my shin and superficial vein on the top of my feet that cause numbness and pain when pressured.
My shell needs minor work (missing screw and bent buckle) but is still useable but the liner is packed out on the right foot.

1) Should I look at new boots or just liners?
2) If new liners which one (zipfit or intuition) because of width and bone spur?
3) If a new boot what would you suggest?
4) Is Dale boot one to be considered?

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115 lbs skiing in Dobermann team 70's brand new, one size smaller than previous boots - performance fit according to shell sizing. very very low volume feet.

I attended the camp last weekend (Sorry we arrived too late to catch you which might have taken care of this) and was told after observing my skiing that I should look into a boot diagnosis because my left knee seems to sort of high-speed wobble; the other leg I was told is "rock solid". I can't feel it, but Pete said he could see it. He suggested that it may mean that either i need canting/alignment work, or that the boots are sloppy in the ankle.

These are the narrowest boots i could find and i've tried on just about every boot out there. Also, it is the other foot that still feels a bit loose.

1. In your experience, do you have any guess as to what might cause a knee to quiver whilst skiing and
2. what i ought to do about it?

Thank you.
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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your advice to others that I've read thus far, now on to my mutant feet.

39 years, Skiied 36, advanced / expert agressive w/ finnesse skier. CSIA Level 2 instructor. Former racer, still love speed, and big GS & SG on any terain, ice, hard pack, crud, (powder when out your way).

I ski it all, and by all, I will have four kids on skis this year, so I'm back to the Greens, and sneaking off to blacks and double blacks.

Current boot / Ski Soloman Xwave 9, 2000 year model, Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous, Rossi Bandit XX.

5'-8", 175lbs.
Ive developed a bit of a bunion on my right due to multiple breaks of my big toe.

Rather wide forefoot, medium instep, narrow heel. I pronate, and have used both Superfeet Kork, and a Surefoot footbed. I found Petersen's to pinch, and tire my foot, they were off the shelf, not custom.

1. I'm looking for a boot to fit as well as the Solomons, but with a bit more flex, the spoiler was vee'd out to the maximum my guy would take it to.
I still need lateral stiffness, as I ski mostly in the east, and love a steep icy run.

2. What is your opinion on superfeet kork, or Surefoot EVA orthotics. Is a semi flexible foot bed better?

Thanks in advance for you advice.

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Hi Jeff. Long time lurker, first time poster. The information you provide is fantastic.

About me: 32 years-old, 5'9", 175 lbs, 35 days a year, fairly aggressive, mostly off-piste in bowls, steeps and glades.

I have a dispropotioned foot - very narrow heeks/ankles/lower leg with 6th toe syndrome in the forefoot. I'm told arch is relatively normal. My nartural bio-mechanics are slightly bowlegged with curved tibias and first foot strike is on outside of foot. I wear corrective orthodics in all footwear.

Fit problems while on the hill - heel lift and sliding forward required over tightening of middle 2 buckles, very cold toes and extra volume in boot upper.

Currently use Salomon XWave 9. My shop has added 2 layers of heel locks and 2 layers of similar foam to tongue. I have this replaced every 2-3 weeks. I have AmFit footbeds.

Tired of the fit problem I went into different high end ski shop and bought Lange WC 120. This solved the heel lift problem for one foot but not the other. Store recommends adding foam padding to liner like done on XWave9.

1. Any other suggestions for boots with my foot type, or is the WC120 the best match?
2. Any other suggestions at all for fit? I would like something more permanent then replacing heel wraps and padding every few weeks.
3. Can you comment on footbeds? It seems every bootfitter claims they footbed they sell is the better than AmFit, yet the true Bootfitters around here (don't sell, just fit and modify) sell AmFit.

Thanks, Dion.

PS. Next time I'm in Colorado I will come in for a fitting!
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Boot my Foot please.

Hello Jeff,
I'm a 40 plus years Aussie, height -175 cm, weight - 73 kl.
I travel to Canada and US every 2 to 3 years and ski for 4 to 5 weeks at different resorts each time. I will be over in Feb 07, for 6 weeks this time, and this will be my 4th trip. I would describe myself as an intermediate skier, just branching into (brushing the edge of) advanced category.
I am looking into the option of purchasing boots in Oz, for price, range and availability reasons and then having them properly fitted along with custom footbeds, on arrival in Colorado.
My dominant foot is - length 265cm, forefoot width 105cm, heel width 68cm, calf circ 332cm and ankle circ 265. I have a relatively high arch.
My local ski shop seems to have a reasonable range of Rossi's, Salomon and Tecnica boots.
1/ Can you advise on some models to start with.
2/ If none of the 3 brands above, what others would suit.
3/ Should I go for an advanced/expert boot as it would seem from what I have read that comfort is not really an issue between the boot levels until you get into plugs.
Thanks in advance for the advise.
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Hot-Rod Fit Question

I have a long, narrow foot and a narrow heel. Street shoe size is a 12.5. I'm currently in a Technica Diablo Pro size US 10. The fit is generally good, but I haven't been able to get enough length in the toes after grinding and punching.

Right now I'm looking at a Hot-Rod/Dobie in a US 11 (UK 10). They're nice and snug in the forefoot & ankle. I'm worried about how much room they have in the toes, though. On my right I have a tight 2-finger fit. On the left I have a loose 2-finger fit.

1. Is this too much room in the toes, even though they're tight elsewhere?

The heel pocket on the US 11 Hot-Rods also seems super roomy. I'm worried about them getting sloppy when the liners pack out.

2. Can I deal with this by having a boot fitter add material?

I've also tried a Nordica Speedmachine in a US 10 (long enough in toes but pretty wide ... worried about slop) and a Hot-Rod in a US 10 (1.5 finger fit but uncomfortably tight in ankle and forefoot.)
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Basic boot questions

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge. I am age 52, male, 5'9'', 170 lbs, intermediate skiier (probably level 6+), in good shape and athletic. Shoe size 9.5, medium width, no special needs. I ski primarly on piste at moderate speeds. I currently own Nordica GP-09 boots and want to modernize/upgrade.

1. What brands/models would you suggest for me?
2. Suggestions regarding customized foot beds?

street shoes are "D" width and fit fine
instep is average height
heels and ankles may be narrower than average
current Nordicas are tight on ankle bones
I have no idea about forward lean preferences. I tend to ski in the "back seat" as slopes get steeper.

Thaks again for your insight.
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I am 6' 6" 250lbs, beginning skier. I wear a size 15 boot, medium width. The conditions I ski in Oregon and Washington vary a lot but there is a lot of heavy wet snow to deal with.

I want to find a pair of NNN BC boots in my size and cant find anything that is even close,

1. can you help me out?

thanks Duncan.
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Hi Jeff,

Thanks a lot for answering all these questions! Reading through your answers has been really informative already, but I'd like to give you my situation and see what you think might be best for me as well.

I'm 32 yrs old, 6'4" tall and 215 lbs. My left foot is a US size 11.5 and my right foot is a size 11. I generally take normal-width shoes and have a low arch and instep. The only other odd things about my feet are (a) the first three toes on each foot come out to the same distance, so the front of my foot is very square rather than pointed; (b) I have a large lump on the outside edge of both feet about two inches ahead of my ankle; and (c) the outside point of both ankles is much more pronounced than the inside. Both of the last two "features" have caused problem in boots and shoes before. I'm also fairly significantly bow-legged; when standing straight with my feet together and knees locked I can easily fit my fist between my knees (with the back of my hand forward, not to the side).

As far as my skiing ability, I started skiing at 15 yrs old but have been a snowboarder for the past 12 years and have only been on skis twice in that time. I've decided that I'd like to get back into sking, and am trying to figure out what equipment to buy. As a result, I don't have a great sense of what kind of skiing I want to do, nor of how good I'll be, but I'm pretty athletic and aggressive and I'm sure I'll be pushing myself as hard as I can, and I live in PA and ski mostly in the East so stability on ice is probably important. The best I can say at present about my skiing style is that I think I will prefer more technical skiing -- bumps, steeps, trees, backcountry, possibly some freestyle -- to making fast carving super-G turns on groomers. But I've probably already betrayed my inexperience by saying that.

I would like, if possible, to buy one pair of good boots that will carry me from this point as far as I care to go along the lines I've suggested above. I prefer a snug to very snug fit on all my shoes -- snowboard boots, hiking boots, etc. -- and I'm sure I will feel the same way about my ski boots. Just based on my last ski rental experience last weekend, I think I may prefer more forward lean rather than less, and a reasonably flexible boot, but I'm sure I could easily be convinced otherwise.

So my questions are fairly straightforward:

1) Which boots would you recommend for me?
2) Do you think my bow-leggedness will require special boot fitting or adjustments?
3) Is there a good boot that would also have features making it more suitable than others to backcountry skiing or ski mountaineering? (eg. sole material/tread?)
4) How much adjustment do you think would need to be made for the different sizes of my feet, and what kind of adjustments would you recommend?
5) Are there any other specific fitting adjustments you would recommend given the particular characteristics of my feet?

Thanks again for all your advice and for the time you spend answering all of our questions.


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I am about 6' tall weigh 175 pounds and am a strong intermediate skier. I just got a new pair of salomon x wave 8's size 29 I usually wear a size 11.5-12 street shoe, first year owning my own equipment because before I never skied enough to warrant the high price ski equipment. I took a 3 day trip to big sky and bridger and while I was out there my shins the part right above the ankle started to kill me. It was localized in that one area no where else seemed to hurt at all.

1. do you know what could be causeing this problem.
2. what are some possible remedies that could help me
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Stiff Boots for High Volume Feet

Hi Jeff,

I'm a 34 yo, male ex-racer. Still like to ski fast and furious and love having boots with a nice, stiff flex... a problem considering the width and volume of my feet. I'm looking for recommedations on where to start when looking at new boot models.

Here are my stats:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 205 lbs
Skier Type: 9
Preferred Terrain: steeps, off-piste, hard-pack speed
Foot Size: 9 1/2 E, high-volume instep, med-wide fore foot, normal heel

I currently ski Atomic Beta Race 10.50Ti (size 26.5) that used to be comfortable -- or at least tolerable -- to race in. I'm looking for something along those lines as far as stiffness goes, but with a little more space in the forefoot and warmer liners/footbed -- I have the older model with the titanium plate with pretty much no footbed and they are almost unbearable when skiing powder b/c of the cold.

I've been out of the market for new boots for a while, and haven't spent too much time research, but I have tried on a few from the Nordica line:

Nordica Dobermann Pro 130 (hot spot on the top of my fore foot on one foot)
Nordica Hot Rod (fit better than the Dobermann, but not a fan of the clear plastic b/c of the variance in flex depending on the temp)
Nordica Speed Machine 14 (have heard bad things about the liners packing out, but they were pretty comfortable; again don't like the use of clear plastic)


1. What other options might work, assuming I'll have a boot fitter to grind, stretch, and tweak the fit? I just want some starting point so I know where to begin.

2.Are there any really good fitters (e.g. on the level of Elite Feet in Tahoe) that work out of Park City, UT? I'll be there next weekend and was thinking of taking care of this there.


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hi Jeff,
I am 6ft. 155lbs. 21 year old male. I have very narrow forefoot, heel ,calf and low instep. I am an advanced skier, prefer more forward lean. I ski almost entirely on piste. I have tried Fischer RC4 Comp which provided a good fit at forefoot, instep and heel, but not at calf. It also caused pain at the ankles when flexing the boot.

The questions:
1. On which problem should I focus at when fitting boots? Is a good fit at the calf more important than fit at the heel, forefoot and instep?
2. Can you recommend boot that would fit my narrow foot ?

Thanks for your help.
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31 year old Male, 5’11”, 155lbs, 9/9.5 street shoe. 16+ years of skiing, strong intermediate skier. Live in Alaska, pretty much have one resort, and lots of BC. Ski in a wide variety of terrain, but prefer off-piste. (Working on my powder skiing skills)

Have always had used “garage sale” quality boots in a variety of sizes, or AT Boots & Skis (unsure of AT Boot brand since they were rentals borrowed from where my buddy worked).

I have since realized the need for something that doesn’t hurt or let me float around in. I have tried on the X-Wave 8s 26.5 (felt weird), Lange 120 26.5 (felt small/tight in the forefoot), and the Nordica Speedmachine 10s. Speedmachines felt pretty good, but I am stuck on the 26.5 vs. 25.5 (since the shops up here don’t have a 26). 25.5 felt good volume wise, but toe was pressed hard against the toe of the shell. 26.5 was more comfortable in length, but had to use the last “rung” of the buckle to get them to buckle up.

Current Set Up:
Boots: Line Transfer Ski Boots in 27.5 (nice boots, but way to big) Skied 3 Times in.
Skis: Line Darkside 175CM, Salomon S912 Bindings

1. Are there any other boots out there you would recommend trying?

2. What flex indexes would you recommend?

3. Is there as good/recommended way to build volume inside the Speedmachine 10s, size 26.5 ?

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What I actually bought

Originally Posted by Tim Hughes View Post
Hi Jeff,

I'm looking to buy some new boots this season. I'll probably be buying at Northern Ski Works or The Basin in Killington, so hopefully the fitters there can give me good advice.

I'm 42 years old, 160lb, 5'10". I take a UK 7 1/2 shoe. I've got flat feet with a fairly narrow heel/ankle. My ski ability is probably a 6 on the ratings people seem to use around here, but I'd like to improve.

Currently, I'm in some 27.5MP Raichle F-Ones I've had for four years, but they've packed out and are now way to sloppy - I'm down to the last latch on the buckles.

I ski almost entirely on piste (95%), 25 days or so a year, about half on the east coast and half on the west. At the moment my skis are Salomon Equipe 10 SC's in 165cm which are a giant leap forward over my old Volkls - my instructor recommended some slalom race skis ("forget that all-mountain ****" was the quote!), but that seemed to be going a bit too far.
  1. What sort of boot would you recommend, not just particular models - I'm interested to know how "advanced" I should be going (I guess I don't need one of the near-race boots you're recommending to others) so I have some idea if the boot techs at the shop are believing me when I tell them my ability level!
Jeff said

It sounds like your instructor and I would get along well. Anyway.....

1. Sounds like you are going to want a high level production boot. Some decent options here might be the Tecnica Diablo Magnesium, the Atomic M100, The Fischer RC4 Competition and the Dalbello Proton. Either way, whatever you get should be considerably better than your current boots!
The guys at Northern Ski Works put me in some Lange 120s - the weird lightish blue ones - I think the HP fit and a 25.5 size. They felt very good - certainly the best of the boots I tried there (including Technica Diablo) - and I was on the verge of buying them. But, since I had an hour or so left before I had to meet my wife after her shopping expedition, I thought I try The Basin too.

Carol at The Basin looked at my feet and lower legs, asked me all the usual questions and broke out a pair of Salomon Falcon 10 in 26MP. Good grief, they felt tight! They also felt like I was wearing a pair of gloves on my feet, no bits sticking in me, no weird feel to the instep, just tight all over. I was worried they'd be too tight across the wide part of my foot, but, after standing around flexing my ankles for thirty minutes they felt even better. Carol hauled out some other stuff for me to try - Falcon 9 in 25MP (way too short), some of the Langes I'd looked at in Northern Ski Works (good, but no where near as good as the Falcons), a pair of Atomic M100 (after the Lange and Salomon they felt absolutely terrible), and some others I can't remember.

Dashed back to my wife, convinced her that investing $700 in some ski boots wasn't really a bad idea, and bought them the next morning.

They felt pretty damn good all week I was skiing on them - they stayed tight even in the cold with none of the loose wobble I was used to, particularly on steep and/or fast stuff. However, I think I need to go back to Carol in February and have her look at the cuff angle - I seem to be rather bow-legged when standing on a hard floor in just the boot, and feel like I'm having trouble disengaging the lower ski at turn start.

Any way, thanks for the advice. My advice is always visit a professional boot fitter and buy what they tell you to. I'll say it again - always visit a professional boot fitter and buy what they tell you to. I was amazed at how both fitters could look at my feet and choose the best fitting boot from their selection first time.

PS. Later in the week my wife - still on the bunny slopes doing wedges - finally succumbed to my entreaties to visit a real boot fitter (rather than relying on me), went to visit Carol too and came away the proud owner of some of last year's Rossignol boots (on special sale) which she claims are 27,000 times better than the Salomons she was skiing in before. Hopefully they'll cure her shin bang and let her progress a lot more quickly.
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Hi, Jeff

I've grown out of my ski boots and am in the market for new ones. If you could recommend some boots, I would be most grateful.

I'm 6 foot male, 160lbs, and my shoes are somewhere between 10 & 11. I ski aggressively - the steepest stuff on big mountains along with lots of moguls. Currently, I ride on Atomic Beta-Carves (size=170), but I'm planning on buying new skis soon... probably some of those chubby ones that are all the rage.

I have a very narrow foot.
In the past, I've had problems with shin bruising (boot bang, as I've heard some folks call it). This typically develops at the end of my first day. By the second day of skiing, it can really compromise my abilities.
To mediate this bruising, I've tried keeping my boots extremely tight and wearing socks tailored for skiing. It helps a little, but I'm terrified of buying a new boot that permits bruised business as usual. Maybe you can help me get it right.

I've heard Salomon and Lange sell narrow boots. I've also got a feeling that my boot size is roughly 28.5. I few weeks ago, I demoed a pair of Solomon Guns (28.5) and was very impressed, but felt that I couldn't give a completely unbiased appraisal because I'd already bruised my shins the day before. In other words, it wasn't exactly a controlled experiment.

1. If you could point me toward some good boots, I would appreciate it.

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Hi Jeff

I am a 5'5", 138 lbs advanced skier. I ski runs marked "experts only" - but I am not an expert. I bought a Salomon xwave 8.0 3 years back. since then a couple of things have happened. 1) i have lost some weight (maybe 5-8 lbs) and 2) my skiing has improved some. I have probably skied about 70 days on these boots - maybe more.

the main problem I have with my boots is that there seems to be a lot of room at the top (cuff, shin) area. last year I took it to a boot shop and they added a foam tongue filler - which definitely helped some. This year that is not helping much. (yes - I am using the velcro strap as well)

Of course - i must also admit that there are probably some weaknesses in skiing technique leading me to lean back - which may be causing my calf to lean more against the back of the boot. I do need to improve in this area - BUT - DO I NEED A NEW BOOT?

that's my question.
1. is it time to replace my boot with one that fits tighter around the shin.
2. or should I try to just improve my technique and wait for one more year.

thanks in advance
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My question is specifically in regards to footbed design. I tend to walk on the outside edges of my feet and this tendency translates over to my skiing, sking predominently on my outside edges when I point my skis downhill. I have experienced knee pain as a result after consecutive skiing days.

I have met two bootfitters that recommend conflicting strategies to counteract this problem. One suggests building up the outside of the footbed to force the ball of my foot onto the footbed. I consider this the bring the foot to the footbed approach. The other recommended building up my footbed under the ball of my foot, thereby bringing the footbed to my foot. This approach seeks to get me to apply pressure more evenly across my foot.

Which approach is the correct? Bring the foot to the footbad or bring the footbed to the foot?


Mountain View, CA
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Hi Jeff,
Thank you so much for answering questions here. I feel on the east coast its near impossible to find excellent boot fitters. I've been dealing with SureFoot for 4 years and my feet still hurt. Time for a change

Background Information:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Skier Type: Level 8-9

Preferred Terrain: only ski groomed if I have to. Prefer off-piste, trees, bumps, powder (when I can find it), steeps.

Where I ski: Mostly east coast (Stowe/Sunday River/Sugarbush). I go to Whistler for 1 week a year and somewhere else for a long weekend (Tahoe or Mammoth most times).

Foot Type: I've never had my foot officially measured. However, what I know. Very flat feet, narrow heel, wide foot right below the toe line. When I stand up, my feet get much wider, when I start exercising them, they seem to expand some.

Shoe Size: 9.5 shoe size in regular shoes.

What I currently use: 3-4 year old Technica Icon ALU with Rapid Access upper (size 312mm). In addition, tons of custom work by SureFoot (orthotics, sole grind, canting adjustment on toe and heel, shell expansion on front foot underneath first front buckle). My problem with these boots is my feet tend to hurt to the point where I have to stop and lay down on the mountain for awhile to get down long runs. If I loosen the buckle to the point where my feet don't hurt, my foot just washes around inside the boot and I get tossed like a salad in crud and powder. These boots also don't keep my heel down in the boot.

My Questions:

1. What boots are best for razor sharp transmission of my inputs to the ski?
2. What boots weigh the least in the above category?
3. Can you suggest any good boot fitters in New England?

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Originally Posted by snowride View Post
31 year old Male, 5’11”, 155lbs, 9/9.5 street shoe. 16+ years of skiing, strong intermediate skier. Live in Alaska, pretty much have one resort, and lots of BC. Ski in a wide variety of terrain, but prefer off-piste. (Working on my powder skiing skills)

Have always had used “garage sale” quality boots in a variety of sizes, or AT Boots & Skis (unsure of AT Boot brand since they were rentals borrowed from where my buddy worked).

I have since realized the need for something that doesn’t hurt or let me float around in. I have tried on the X-Wave 8s 26.5 (felt weird), Lange 120 26.5 (felt small/tight in the forefoot), and the Nordica Speedmachine 10s. Speedmachines felt pretty good, but I am stuck on the 26.5 vs. 25.5 (since the shops up here don’t have a 26). 25.5 felt good volume wise, but toe was pressed hard against the toe of the shell. 26.5 was more comfortable in length, but had to use the last “rung” of the buckle to get them to buckle up.

Current Set Up:
Boots: Line Transfer Ski Boots in 27.5 (nice boots, but way to big) Skied 3 Times in.
Skis: Line Darkside 175CM, Salomon S912 Bindings

1. Are there any other boots out there you would recommend trying?
2. What flex indexes would you recommend?
3. Is there as good/recommended way to build volume inside the Speedmachine 10s, size 26.5 ?

I found the answers I think I needed. I have ruled out the Speedmachine (too much volume for my feet) and am headed toward a Tecnica Diablo, probably the Magma.

2 Questions Now:

1) What is the difference / advantages between HotFit and HyperFit?
2) Is the Magma too much boot for the skiing ability I mentioned above?
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Originally Posted by starkmojo View Post
I am 6' 6" 250lbs, beginning skier. I wear a size 15 boot, medium width. The conditions I ski in Oregon and Washington vary a lot but there is a lot of heavy wet snow to deal with.

I want to find a pair of NNN BC boots in my size and cant find anything that is even close,

1. can you help me out?

thanks Duncan.

Unfortunately, I do not work with that many BC boots. Perhaps someone here might know of a suitable product.

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Okay I need help, I am sick of this ski boot crap I just want them to work.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175 lbs
Skier Type: III+
Preferred Terrain: Powder, Steeps, Cliffs (Hucks) and ocasional park run.
Where I ski: Stevens Pass, WA, Crystal WA, Alpental WA plus the ocasional utah/BC trip
Setup: Rossignol B-Squad, Mojo 15
Shoe Size: 13
Currently in: Head WC 120's or something of the sort. Custom footbeds. I have had about 70 days on these and over that period of time have had every sort of grind/puch fill stretch etc.

My problems: First of all, my feet hurt. They do not just hurt a little either, they fricken kill me, and this is after the three alieves I have to take each day just to deal with it. The main place they hurt is in the middle of my arch on the top and bottom. They other place they hurt alot is right above my ankle on the back side of my leg. The buckles are also in thier closest position and are buckled all the way across. Other than the fit issues I am having trouble with the flex (when talking about flex it should be noted that I am very very physically strong throughout my legs) , at first, with the boot in the "soft" position, I would flex too far forward and create a huge array of new pain in various parts of the boot. In order to stop the overflexing a drive plate was added which helped a lot. Later I had the boots stiffened up (locking one part of the boot to another w/ screws?) and eventually went back to the soft position because I like it better. Another problem is that if I flex forward in to he skis my legs have to be almost comically forward which I think is a issue with too much forward lean. Last but certainly not least is the HUGE shinbang issue I have run into. SHINBANG sucks, I aired of a 15' or so pile of rocks the other day to a semi- hardpacked landing and landed pretty centered on my skis and I had painful shin bang that lead to backseet skiing for almost a week.

My thoughts: Full Tilt Boots, I admit it, I am being sucked in by advertising. I have seen the ads and read the reviews and with out any experience of my own feel my self wanting to buy them. What do you think about this boot? I have talked to many people who skied the original flexons who loved them (yet only 2 still ski on them, wonder why?). Another huge draw for me is the included intuition liner, I have heard amazing things about these liners but they are a little pricy for me.

So thats the story of my tortured feet any help would be apreciated. I have been setting aside a chunk of change for new boots so help would be aprecieated.

Please excuse the spelling and gramer errors.


Philip Thomas
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You have a long post, so please follow the format listed at the beginning of this thread.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer so many questions and share your knowledge.

Here's the skinny on me: I'm pushing 30, 6'4" 225lbs and have a relatively wide size 11 street shoe. I also have somewhat high arches - although i've always corrected that with footbeds. I'm an aggressive ex-racer who loves to ski hard and fast. The real problem with finding a good boot for me is cuff height. I shattered my L tib+fib a couple of years back and had a fasciotomy performed to relieve compartment syndrome and save my leg. The result is a huge scar from the incision and some pretty badly damaged muscles and tissues underneath that will never be the same.

After returning to skiing, I quickly found that wearing my Lange XR8's was unbearable. It puts pressure on some of the damaged areas, and REALLY hurts. The funny thing is, my Lange XR7 feel great, and to me they really appear to be almost identical stiffness and color aside. This weekend, I tried on Nordica Speedmachine's, Dalbello Pro's and Rampage's and they all hurt like he**! I realize that I might be a 'special' case where I'll have to just try on every boot until I find a few that are bearable, and throw performance characteristics out the window, but I'm hoping you might be able to make a few suggestions.

1. Any suggestions for a similar modern boot that has a comparable cuff height and performance characteristics as the XR7 (probably about 10-12 years old - they're green, if that helps)?


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions! I too am in the market for a pair of boots to go with my new skis. I’ve always rented equipment in the past so this will be my first boot buying experience.

I'm male, about 5’-3” and 130#. I’m an advanced skier who gets to the mountain about a half dozen times a year. I mainly ski in the Northeast (Sunday River & Sugarloaf, Maine) and can ski all the trails on the mountain in good conditions. My preferred terrain is blacks and groomers, pretty much anything but hardcore moguls. My current skis are Atomic Metron M10 Skis with Neox 614 bindings.

My foot: Length – 255 mm; Forefoot – 100 mm; Heel – 65 mm; Calf – 340 mm (I took these measurements at home by tracing my foot and measuring the outline. Calf is circumference at the widest point). Hopefully I did it right! My normal shoe size is US 8/8.5M

1. What would be some good boots to start looking at? I'm looking to narrow the field and hope to find a reasonably priced pair.

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Hi Jeff,

Looking for first boots for my gf

Female, 5.7, 135,narrow feet , intermediate skier around 6 out of 10,groomed snow mostly on east coast(green,blue,groomed blacks), not a racers more recreation skier/carver but wants to improve her skills.
Planing to buy FISCHER Vi 40 155 cm

Normal sneaker size is US 9-women, she went to princeton ski shop and they told her that she is 26 modo but should get 25 or 25.5 .

My 3 boot choices(since she has narrow feets) are LANGE COMP 100 CAC mid-fit /LANGE COMP 100 low-fit/Fischer Mens MX-5.


1. Can we buy Fischer MX-5 for her in 25.5? Is it ok to buy mens boots?
Do you like this boot for her?
2. Can't figure out low fit or mid-fit.. what is the difference?
3. Whats is CAC liner and whats better?
4. do you think my choices are ok.. and out of those 3 which one would you recommend or wouldn't recommend? or you have different boot model in mind ?
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Sorry two more follow up.
5. What is the difference between MXS VISION and MX5?
6. With size 26 do you recommend 25 or 25.5 ?
Thanks again
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Hey Jeff, thanks for helping all of us bears, I'm sure you've put countless hours in just typing on this thread alone.

I'm 27y.o., 6'3", 175lbs, little calves, level 8 skier on the 10 scale, generally ski at a resort but only 25% on the groomers the other 75% is a mix of pow, crud, and bumps. I have EXTREMLY flat feet. When I walk with wet feet on cement instead of my footprint getting skinny at the arch my footprint actually bulges out almost 3/4". I'm a size 12 Nike running shoe with orthotics in (foot is 295mm long). Needless to say I've got a very low arch and a 110mm across my BOF and I don't think my heel is really that big. I always wear my 3/4 length orthotics in all shoes, boots, and skiboots... and they help a lot. The problem up to this point has been finding a boot long enough and wide enough that would still get tight around the top of my foot without crushing it side-to-side in the arch area. With both my previous two pair of boots I've had to run the buckles clamped all the way down and they still weren't tight enough, which I now know they were 1-2 sizes too big but anyways, it seems that you reccommend the B9's for somewhat similar situations but I'd like to hear what you think.

I took some pics of my feet to give you a better idea of what we're working with. You don't have to look if you don't want, they're not the prettiest...:


1. What do you think?
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Thanks in advance Jeff!!!

Me: 70"/155 lbs 32 yo guy. Skinny legs, skinny ankles, skinny heel, with a fairly normal shaped foot & moderate arch.

My Equip: Volkly 5 star 168's, Motion LT bindings, and Solomon Perf. 7.5 @ 26.5.

My style: Comfortable on the blacks and somewhat aggressive when the mood strikes me right but NOT a b's to the wall lunatic by any means.

My problem: This is my second season on this gear and I'm very happy with everything except the boot fit. Starting about 20 minutes into my ski day the 3, 4, & 5 toe on each foot and a triangle shape back to the midpoint go numb. I can't feel myself step down nor can I feel anything on the top. I took them back to the retailer last spring who tried a wedge (worse) and new footbed (worse) and then "punched out" the toe in each boot. Unfortunately the problem is just as bad this year as last.

1. Is this just an issue of me over-tightening the boots? I keep them pretty tight but don't have any other discomfort and feel like I'm giving up control when I loosen them.

2. Are these the right boots for me, period?

3. What should I ask my local boot guru to do when I go there next week? I've moved away from the retailer who sold me the set so I'm new to the store I've been talking to.

Thanks again!!!
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Hey Jeff,

I just have a few broad questions for you. I'm 17 years old, 6'0'', 155 lbs, with a medium width foot. I will ski everywhere, but especially off-piste steeps and chutes. I live in Michigan, but I usually ski in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

1. What are the best boot options for me? My foot has stopped growing, so money isn't that big of an issue.
2. Do certain boots work better with certain bindings/skis?

Thanks a lot for your help!

-Peter K
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Hello Jeff.

I am 6'0, 240lbs, level 7-8, ski around 20 daya year. I live in Atlanta, GA. I am currently skiing with 2002 Salomon performa 8.0, size 29.5.

1. Looking for a more advanced boot (stiffer).
2. Any TRUE boot fitters in Atlanta? Plently of ski shops, but no real boot fitters that I have found.
3. If there are no bootfitters in Atlanta is there a boot you would recommend for adjustments to be made when I return to the westcoast to an actual bootfitter such as yourself.

Thank you for you time and help, I appreciate it.
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