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Wide Brake Issue

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I need to get wider brakes for my k2 outlaws, the current brakes on the binding are too small. Just wondering, there are two sizes of the wide brakes 95 mm and 105 mm. The k2 outlaw width is 88mm. Can I still use the 105 and it won't be an issue, or should I just use the 95. The 105 I can get much cheaper.
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The 105 might still hang out when retracted. I would go with the narrower ones, but since teh 105's are cheap, might as well pickk them up to have around.
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Where are you getting these brakes. I've been looking for somewhere to buy from for some time now.
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Well I wouldn't say cheaper, but I would like the ability to remove the binding and place it on a wider ski, I was just wondering if using the 105 on a 88 mm width ski will mess with the handling.

You can find them on ebay or usoutdoor.com for around $40
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The 105's will hang off the edge, but you can bend them in slightly and probably wouldn't give you a problem unless you carve huge arcs down the mountain and need that extreme angle clear. The difference b/w the 105 and 95 is 1cm, thats 5mm on each side of the ski...thats not that much to bend.
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My wife initially had the Salomon 110mm brakes on her 95mm Phat Luvs. They were annoying -- both because they stuck out when skiing, and because they wouldn't lock her skis together for carrying.

We swapped them for a narrower set.
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