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Of winter, that is.

For some it's that first cool night in August when the temperature finally breaks. For some, it's hearing a flock of geese headed south in the dark of night. For others, it's the new football season or the World Series.

For me, it's the first aspen trees to turn yellow. Once that happens, there's no doubt we've turned the corner and fall is here.

I drove through the upper valley of the Hoback River on Tuesday morning of this week, and came back through it again this evening. Tuesday, there were no yellow aspens to be seen.

Tonight, they've appeared.

There are just a few so far. Single, lonely, yellow showoffs in the middle of big groves of aspens that are still bright green. To me, somehow, those first ones to turn are the sure sign that winter will be here soon.

The air is cooler, the light is richer, the shadows are deeper, and it's just a wonderful time of year to be outside. I hope you all have a great fall.

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Heard the geese tonight, September is such a beautiful month here in NY. A relief from the heat, the chill in the evening.
Yep, its comin'.
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Thanks Bob!

Hoping to spend sometime with the changing leaves as well.

I hope you have a great fall also!
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Pure poetry Bob, pure poetry.

For me in the UK it's cloudy grey mornings driving into Manchester with my lights on and windscreen wipers going from side to side, Grey faces wating for buses under bus shelters and the end of the cricket season with the English cricket being saved from another horrific defeat by rain....(please let winter start at the Oval tomorrow)..then get me outta here and deliver me to the Rockies!!!!
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For me, the start of each fall usually announces itself with a sudden loss of balance

More to the topic, have you ever managed to smell the coming snow? Back when living in Romania, I used to have a pretty good prediction rate for the first snow of the winter. The air somehow felt fresher and newer and sharper, as if it was sprinkled with fresh minuscule crystals...but this was at above zero Celsius, so not a real physical phenomenon.

A few years running I beat the weather forecasts by a couple of days or more.

Doesn't work in London though.
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Yesterday night it go pretty cold for this time of year. **Hopes for an early Winter**. It was probably in the high 50's and this morning on the news they said it was the low 50's at about 6:45 am. I hope it comes soon. I can hardly wait.
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The farms here have pumpkins lined up by the barns. Cold rain fell yesterday, and the contrast of inky black road snaking through lush green foliage was punctuated by leaves swirling as they fell with each gust of wind. It was unusually quiet most of the day, too, with very little birdsong to keep the tempo. I caught a whiff of woodsmoke...mmmmmmmmmmm.

It's a spectacular time to go Hiking! :
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