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East Coast Opening Dates

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Whats the deal this winter, anyone gonna try and open before Killington? From what Ive heard Killington is planning to open Nov. 11, that could be a little late to take first place if there was a good shot of cold air. So much for the days of truckin' it up hill in Ocotober.
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Well, if you believe the extended forecast for Killington/Rutland, the average daytime high will be 57.5 F and the average lows will be 36.9 F from now to mid-October.

If true, we'll need a fairly significant weather change in the last half of the month for an Oct opening. Maybe another freak storm??
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Sunday River website has Nov. 11 for opening day.
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Originally Posted by Kim View Post
Sunday River website has Nov. 11 for opening day.
Things have changed in the management structure of ASC, but it would still be a big surprise if K-ton didn't open at least a few days before SR.
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I have a few tentative dates, but who knows how accurate they'll turn out to be:

Stowe (VT): 11/18
Loon (NH): 11/22
Attitash (NH): 11/24
Smugglers Notch (VT): 11/24
Wildcat (NH): 11/24
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Sugarloaf (ME): 11/17 (tentative)
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Belleayre Mountain is scheduled for a Nov 11 opening. Belleayre has been in the top 5 to open on the east coast for the last few years.
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To the snowmakers it has everything to do with the freezing point of water vapor and wet bulb equations. In other words if its not cold enough for long enough it doesn't matter what the date on brochure says. Many years its Halloween turns, other years its after thanksgiving.
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