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New Line Titanium Darkside Skis

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Okay, these may not handle the groomers like RX-8's and they may not handle the powder like Sugar Daddys, but these skis did get some good reviews as far as an all-mountain ski. These skis are brand new, 165cm, 110-73-98 R17. They have new Rossi Power 120 bindings 4-12 DIN and are currently set up for a 315mm boot. I believe that they are an '04-'05 model, but I can't remember. They have never been skied but have been waxed a few times. Color is flat black with the astronaut graphics.
A great Christmas gift for $200 plus shipping!
Too much?
Make a reasonable offer.
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perfect ski for smaller aggresive lighter person(probably female....), I own the softest pair and they are kick ass bump and tree skis.

Id say it a good price to.
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How would that ski compare to the Mike Nick, Line. Very impressed with the Mike Nick. This would not be for me.
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The darkside is a stiffer better carver, better all mountain ski.(having skied both)
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Can you take it in the bumps. And, I assume that it's a twin tip.
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Nope, not twin tips. These were advertised as Line's All Mountain ski. I have heard that they are good in the bumps, but the skis are new, never skied, so I can't comment on how they are as a bump ski.
As a matter of fact, even if I had skied them, I couldn't comment since I usually avoid the bumps.
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semi twin, kinda like a mantra or a bro.
I'll also concur that they are a great bump ski.
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Bump and a price drop to $175 plus shipping.
Brand new with the mentioned bindings.
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Line Darkside Skiis

Are the dark ones still for sale?
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Still available

Still available, still brand new, and still time to buy before the holidays.
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Still tempted. Where's Westford?
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Where's Westford?

Just south of Nashua, NH.
The skis are perfect and waxed a few times.
I would really like to sell them before the holidays.
Check your pm.
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PM sent again.
PM me if you don't receive it.
Thank you.
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Price Drop

New Price for brand new skis: $150 plus shipping.
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Why couldnt these be 175s?
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I am VERY interested in these skis. I've got $$ ready to go, just have a few questions. Email Casey at cgs@ksu.edu
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From some reason I couldn't reply to your email. Check your PM's
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are these skis still available?
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I've got the same skis in a 175cm with Tyrolia D-8 bindings and a Tyrolia plate. Been skied 3 times and are perfect. $225.00 If anyones interested.
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ecamiel89. The Line skis in 168 are still available brand new for $150 plus shipping.

For 175 length, "BushwackerinPA" meet "slider".
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I happened to buy the Line skis from quickk9 and I must give him appriciation on dealing with him. He willingly emailed pic's and answered all the questions I have. He even went out of his way to get the binding fit for my boot and DIN set at his local shop, so my ski's showed up in the mail ready to go! Also, he mailed the ski's in a nice ski bag that he threw in for free. I highly recommend buying from him!
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That's certainly nice to hear. Way to go quick.
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I spoke breifly with quickk9, nice guy.
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