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Vail Steeps and Challenges

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Family decided to go to Vail this year. What are some steeper runs and more challenging runs on the mountain? Thanks
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Well, there's a lot of steeper stuff in Blue Sy Basin. Best thing to do is go out there and explore the mountains!
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Blue Sky has a bunch of challenging stuff. There's also some "less traveled" areas of the bowls that can be excellent. Generally speaking, the further you go from a lift back there, the better the snow. Mongolia Bowls are great, as well as traversing all the way to skiers right in Sun Up/Sun Down bowl (off the back of Game Creek).
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Vail is huge. Take the free tour and ask, or drop in on a Let's Go Colorado group day and get a guided tour from an EpicSki Bear...
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While Vail has some great runs I wouldn't characterize anything as "steep". You are going to have to go out of bounds in East Vail to find steep. It comes with backcountry hazards (avalanches, cliffs, death, minor concerns) and all that hassle.
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"Steep" is relative, of course. If Snowbird, Squaw, and C'Butt are your speed, Vail may disappoint. But, it's a huge area with lots of good skiing. And a few reasonably steep shots (and even a few cliffs).
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Thanks everyone, are there any runs that are not marked on the trail map that are nice or some runs that you have to hike to? Looking for inbounds runs becasue I do not have the proper knowledge to go into the backcountry. Thanks again
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You are going to get to know Prima Cornice very well.
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How about this?

I came across this trail marker while hiking Vail a year ago. There wasn't any snow at the time, so it was a little hard to judge what I was looking at.

The sign leads to a gate that leads to four trails called Been There, Done That, Mudslide, and Frontside Chutes.

It's the area sort of underneath the lower third of the Vista Bahn lift.

So, any of you Vail denizens, what's the terrain like?

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From an ex-denizen:
Been There and Done That are steep but fairly open aspen glades. (They exit via a stream crossing, which only gets covered later in the season, so they're often closed. The Pumphouse, further skier's right, has a better exit so is usually open first.) The Narrows is steep and much tighter aspens. Mudslide is just that, a massive scar in the hillside, only skiable in later season when the snow has covered the boulders. The entrance is first through tight aspens then requires a 1-4 foot drop in, depending on snow amounts and where you drop in. (Not quite Corbet's!)
Frontside Chutes are directly under the Vista Bahn, so you can scope them out. They don't always hold the snow very well.
None of these runs are as steep as the steepest areas of Prima Cornice, some of which are almost too steep to hold non-coastal snow.
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Only been there once, years ago for a week. Not steep. But I do remember getting into Prima Cornice and having my friends bale and take the easy way around. It was unsettlingly steep in spots. Also, for good bumps the Prima-Pronto-Highline (hope I remembered the trail names accurately) combo is fun.
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