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Volkl EXP 724's, too big for colorado?

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Just a quick couple of question if anyone can lend a hand,

I was given a pair of Volkl EXP 724 (177cm) 2 years ago and before that I had skiid Rossi B1's for the last few years in Australia... I would have liked them in 170cm given my height (about 174cm) but beggers cant be choosers and I have never had problems skiing bigger ski's b/c I used to weigh alot for my height (about 90kg) b/c of rugby and am very agressive edge to edge + Australia just isnt challenging terrain. But last year I spent a month in NZ trying to do some pretty challenging back country stuff and the skiis just gave me no confidence at all: they were hopeless in the bumpy steep stuff and didnt handle the crud well at all...

I have lost some weight and in light of last years experience, I am really worried that the Volkls are just too big for me??? I know they are a capable ski and I have loved them in Oz but I am off to colorado for four months and I am hoping to ski some steeper stuff/powder and really want to have confidence in the ski...but for my height are the Volkl's just to big for me in those sorts of conditions? Bear in mind that the snow in Oz is pretty poor (Nz wasnt much better), what sort of conditions can I expect the 724's to perform well in (60-40 off-piste i thought?)?

Given that I am off to Colorado, I am looking for a set of skiis to compliment the 724s...I am advanced (80kg and 174cm) and am aggressive from edge to edge, preferring short/sharp turn to big radius stuff... I was thinking of picking up the new season equivalent of Volkl 5-stars (or something similar) but that all depends on whether I can rely on the 724s to perform for me off-piste in Colorado!?!? I am really looking forward to getting a ski that I love enough to take to bed and that will handle everything i throw at it! has anyone got any suggestions?

cheers, Tom
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If I had to make an educated guess as to why you got beat up by the 724's, I would say that it is probably because they are too stiff as well as a bit too long. If this is true, they won't turn well in deeper snow either because they won't flex for you.

I would suggest a little different tactic. Rather than buy a carving ski for Colorado get a nice mid-fat that you can bend and you won't really need two skis. I'm not suggesting anything super wide, but a ski in the range of 75-80mm underfoot and with a moderate flex sounds like a good call for you.

There are tons of good skis (and no such thing as BEST) but some that come to mind are the Rossi B2, Fischer AMC 79, Salomon XWing Tornado, and the Dynastar Legend 8000. The size range of 170-172 sounds about right to me.

Here is a link to the Fischer '06 79


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Thanks SJ,

come to think of it thats a good call on the stiffness, they definately werent responsive when I tried to put them through their paces in the steeper stuff (especially with bumps)...So you reckon I should keep the 724s as more of a piste ski (where I actually found they performed very well) where they can really open up whilst still moving quickly edge to edge and then opt for a softer, fatter ski for the steeper/cruddier/off-piste snow?

There I was thinking that I could rely on the Volkl's as a bit of an all mountain ski? I suppose 'all-mountain' in the southern hemisphere (where they seemed alright) is completely different to whats required in Colorado ... Just a quick one, what size should I realistically be looking at?

thanks again
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I don't think that ski is too big or too stiff. I am ruffly the same size and 184 724Pro's are some of my shortest skis.
I would bring them to Colorado, the snow here is really very forgiving. If you still don't like them, demo something else.
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I think that something in the 170 (ish) range would be best for you. This would depend somewhat on the ski as each of those models (and all skis for that matter) have individual personalities. For example......

B2.....smooth, damp, pretty soft.....for this one I'd suggest the 174.
8K.....energetic and nimble but a tad stiffer than the B2...........172
AMC 79.....light, smooth, but a bit stiffer than B2....................170

Everybody is different and there is no universal answer except possibly for this. Most folks on the internet overstate their abilities, capabilities and needs. Therefore, it is pretty common for an inexperienced buyer to follow internet advice and end up with a stiffer or more agressive tool than they really need. This is not the end of the world, but you should take all of our advice with a grain or two of salt. For my take, I think that easy is always a safe choice.

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Yeah I plan on taking everyones advice and just putting it all together in my head...but this site is an excellent resource b/c its all neutral commentary and its very rare to get that in a ski store. your comments got me dusting off all the ski gear and it seems I have grown a bit and might just have grown into the exps...I am now 176 and the skis are 177, shouldnt really change much in reality but I think more than anything i just need confidence in the ski...I think it might be a whole different experience skiing them in some fresh cover, will just have to get there and give them a real go + demo around...

You suggested that I get a mid-fat rather than a 5-star (or the like) to compliment the 724s? Do you think its better to resign the 724s to piste with a touch of all-mountain and then go and get something exclusively for the steeper/deeper stuff?

cheers guys for all your help
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Tom IMO SJ's right on the money when he mentions the stiffness of the 724 EXP. I skied the 724 EXP @ 177cm 2 seasons ago before buying last seasons AC3. The difference in flex is signifcant, the 724 is a barge compared to the AC3.
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