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Where to stay in UT?

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Ok, so I've decided on a trip to Utah this winter. Among other things (light, fluffy powder), I'm looking forward to hitting up a few places I haven't been to before - Brighton, Canyons, Powder Mtn. My dilemna is where to stay. I'm thinking that Park City is probably the way to go, given that it probably has the best nightlife in the area. Question is, how easy or hard is it to get to the various mountains from there? If it's a real pain in the arse, I'm wondering if I'd rather be in the middle of nowhere with easy access to the mountains.

If anyone could offer some advice, I'd appreciate it.
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Park City has three resorts in the area. Park City resort, Deer Valley, and The Canyons. How long do you plan on going and what type of skiing do you like? I have never been to Alta or Snowbird but It's always on top of the list for great skiing in Utah. Those are about an hour from Park City. But if you stay closer to Salt Lake City they are closer and you also have Brighton, Solitude, etc. etc.

I will be heading to Park City in December.
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You will be fine staying in Park City, It isa real ski town and has some good bars and some excellent places to eat. The best Utah skiing is over in the Cottonwood Canyons. All of the Utah resorts are very close to each other. All an hour or less from Park City or even Salt Lake City. It is an easy drive from Park City to any of the Cottonwood Canyon Resorts. Drive time would be about 40-45 mins. I have made it to Alta in 30 mins just don't tell that to The UHP.
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Park City feels like a ski town as opposed to SLC which feels like a city w/ Burbs. However, SLC does have much faster access to PM, and the Cottonwood Canyons. However, like Utah 49 said, it's not that big of a deal to drive from PC. I used to stay in SLC for years until the friend I go skiing with bought a PC condo. Now we stay there and still ski all over. I've managed to suffer thru it.
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Thanks guys. That's kinda what I figured about staying in SLC (the burb feeling). 45 mins to an hour is doable...but it's gonna feel like an eternity compared to what I have at Heavenly (5 min walk). Anyway, I like the steep, deep, and drops (and of course, the pow). Not really into the park scene. Any suggestions? I've been to Alta/Snowbird (and they were pretty killer) and Deer Valley many, many years ago.
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Check out Snowbasin and powder mountain. They will NOT disappoint you unless you really like crowds.
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I would just stay in Ogden when I went up to Powder Mt. or Snowbasin. There are tons of motels there and I have never had a problem booking at the last minute.
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What type of non-skier activities are available at Park City??
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Shake it, Sha-a-ake it....

Welcome to EpicSKI, Sugaree
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Originally Posted by TerpSKI View Post
Shake it, Sha-a-ake it....

Welcome to EpicSKI, Sugaree
just don't tell em you know me.
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Thanks guys. I can tell this forumis going to rock. ( As in Rock 'n' Roll)
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Don't forget about the Extended Stay in Sandy, with its own in-house meth lab.

To be fair, I stayed there two weeks before this ^^^ with no incident.
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Stay in Sandy!

I stayed at a townhouse/Condo complex in Sandy, Ut on my last trip to SLC.
It is just north of and very convenient to(15-20 min.) the Cottonwood Canyons(Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude), about a 45 min. drive to Park City area and about an hour to Snowbasin area. It is also much less expensive accommodations than in the ski areas and is very convenient to stores and restaurants in SLC.
Sandy is the best value in the area in my book and I would stay there again without question.

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Well in spite of all you gained you still had to stand out in the pouring rain
One last voice is calling you and I guess it's time you came to EPIC SKI!

where to stay in utah?
ski high
sleep low(i stay in sandy)

oops, better watch myself, of late i'm officially in the wharf rat club...
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Geez, DeadHeads everywhere I go. Cool.
I am now considering staying in Sandy, Utah late February or early March. Homewood Suites. Anyone stayed here?? My biggest fear in staying otuside of an on mountain resort is that the shuttles won't run in during the storms. Could someone comment on this?? How reliable is the shuttle system??
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The roads up the Canyons do close in heavy storms. It happens but not that offten. If the roads up the Canyons are closed for Avalanche work, nobody is getting up or down the Canyon. If they are closed then pack up the car and head to Park City. Why wait in line for the road to open then move a snails pace up the Canyon.
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your in utah, it's cheap! spring for a small car with a ski rack, well worth it. get around. shuttling is bogus big time(unless you are townie).
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it is VERY expensive to stay up in the Cottonwoods, no unselfrespecting head would even consider it! I checked Orbitz and it is $20/day for Alamo economy, you don't need insurance, unless you want to bang it all up. when are you going? wait until the last minute, only book a 4 wheel drive if it looks like big snow. last two years i got away with it. now, i have rented a subaru a few times, that is the Ticket, but i can't seem to find where where i got that? anyone know?

take a day and go to Snowbasin, nice ride, change of pace, good skiing and amenities,

if your arriving in the morning see if you can get the Free half day pass in Park City(with boarding pass) but not valid in prime season.
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It might be worth a few extra shekels to go for the subaru from Hertz. its adding up already! That is $75/day, your cheapest 4-wheel drive option, and acceptable, which if you are staying a week, end of feb/beg of march is a good insurance policy for storms. The odds of 4wheel drive only are MUCH higher than the road being totally closed or delayed. And even if you are one to disregard rules like much of our "ilk", the 4 wheel drive rule during a good snow is a good one not to ignore, and it can be enforced by poohlice at the canyon entrance. I just reserved a Subaru myself for my end of Feb trip. If the skies are clear for my 4 day trip, stalled high pressure over the west, I'll probably drop it and go compact to save a few $$$. Get it now if you want it, not much of a supply, I think a 4wd Subaru is cool in Utah.
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