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Horse and Chicken...

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So one day on the farm, a horse falls into a mud hole. The horse is unable to free himself from the hole when a chicken walks by.

"Hey Buddy, help get me out of here" the horse says. The chicken replies "With what? I'm way too small to pull you out."

So the horse looks around and sees that the farmer is out in the fields and his Mercedes Benz is parked by the barn. So he says "Go over to the barn, get some rope and the car and you can pull me out that way." So the chicken does it, and the horse gets out of the hole.

A couple of weeks later the chicken falls into the same mud hole and is similarly unable to free himself when, by chance, the same horse comes walking by.

"Hey, remember me? Go get the car to pull me out, you owe me." The chicken shouts.

The horse replies "Well I can't fit in the car to drive it, so why don't I just stand over the mud hole and you grab on to my hoo-hoo and I'll pull you out that way."

The chicken sees no other option so he grabs on and is pulled to safety.

....So what is the moral to the story?......

You don't need a Mercedes Benz to pick up chicks, if you are hung like a horse.

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Where's Chuck Barris and the Gong Show hook when we need it most?
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