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MAC Tracks '07

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There were a quite a few people from Epic at MAC Tracks '06, so I wanted to let everyone know nice and early about MAC Tracks '07.

The date is set for February 9, 2007. Mark your calendar. We will have a real website up soon. Here is the new link.

Last year the circle carve was won by a rider in soft boots. Let's not let that happen again.
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Hope to make it back to MAC tracks this year. Phil put on a great event last year.
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Roll call.

I'm in (very tentatively, though, at this point).
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Sweet. Maybe you and Wildfrogman can carpool and make a road trip.
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I will definitely try to be there. Maybe this time, I won't be in such a hurry to get out of there, and will take a few minutes to run to the car and put some skis on, as opposed to spending the whole time on the board (not that there's anything wrong with that! ).

I really enjoyed it last year. I hadn't been in a race course on my board in a very long time. The conditions weren't perfect on the course, but it was still a blast, and you and the folks up at Roundtop hosted a great event.
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The website has changed, but I cannot edit my post above.

Here is the new link.
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I updated the main post for you.

FYI - For reasons of preventing shenanigans that have occurred in the past, there is a one hour time limit on editing. If you want to update an old post, you can just PM me and I'll fix it for you. This is what I was hired for.
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Many thanks to The Rusty.
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Bumpity Bump Bump.

Who's coming? 2.5 weeks to go - Friday February 9th:

This year we will again have the circle carve comp:
Beginners will try to complete a circle.
Experts will use their imagination...???
We will have a limbo comp - and there will be lower detents on the bar this year to eliminate the tall guy sooner.
Neil Sunday - Ski Rountop Race Coach will be setting a course and giving a race clinic. There will also be time to run the course.
There will be a beginner/lower intermediate carving clinic in the afternoon.
There will also be an advanced/expert carving clinic at the same time.
Arrive around 8:30am and ride until you can't stand up.

Who's in???
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Originally Posted by philsthrills View Post
Who's in???
I'd say it's about 75% yes for me at this point. Can't commit further until much closer to the date.

Constraints -- Kid (6-month old) just started day care last week, and my wife just returned to work (part-time) this week. So things are kind of crazy right now.

Complaints -- I've only been on the snow a few days this season and my riding right now stinks so bad I don't want to show my face in public. (OK, not really. I wouldn't not come because of that, but you have been warned!) (Also, something's not right with my front boot or binding and I fear I'm turning into one of those people who's constantly futzing with and complaining about their equipment.)
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MAC Tracks '07 Schedule of events:

8:30am Arrive and meet in the Alpine Room (same as last year)
Sign up for all events that you will be participating in.
Sign a waiver for said events.
9:05am Race Clinic starts at the top of Exhibition (course will be available
to run until lunch)
9:55am Circle Carve Comp will meet at the top of Minuteman
10:55am Limbo Carve Comp will meet at the top of Minuteman
12:00pm Lunch Break
12:45pm Group picture outside the Alpine Room
1:00pm Beginner/Intermediate Carve Clinic will meet at the Alpine Room
Advanced/Expert Carve Clinic will meet at the top of Minuteman

All events are optional. Come to as many or as few as you want.

Ride as long as the your lift ticket allows.

See you on the slopes!
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Phills...I regret yet schedule will not be allowing me to attend. Excellent event from what I have read via the blogs etc.!!! Keep up the great work!
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Regrets for me too. I'll be on the lookout for 2008.
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Thanks to everyone who attended MAC Tracks today. I believe that a great day was had by all.

I would like to give a special thanks to Neil for all of his work taking care of the race course and running the race clinic. Thanks also to John A. and Mark B. for helping Neil set the course.

A special thanks also goes out to JB for running the expert clinic. I heard a lot of good things about it and I am sure that everyone benefitted.

A personal thanks goes to Scott S. (the Noodle) for all of his help.

I apologize that things were a little off today. I have been home with two sick girls all week and have not been working at the mountain. That made it difficult to put the finishing touches on the event, but you guys were very gracious with me - so thanks to all of you for overlooking my shortcomings.

If you are interested, we have a mailing list through which we (the Mid Atlantic Carvers) keep in touch with each other. You can sign up for it at:

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Mark Brown brought a case of beer for Big Daddy. He certainly deserved it for the conditions that he gave us on Friday. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball on getting him to visit us in the Alpine room for MAC Tracks.

I gave it to him this morning on behalf of Mark and the MAC Tracks crew.

Here are the pics:
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Awesome! Looks like a good turn out, more than last year. I see some young guns (young'uns) in there. Jb coached the expert class. That's our Jibster I assume. I'm sure that was one of the best free lessons anyone ever got. So the only bears there were Phil and Jb. Well, we were well represented by those two... This event offers amazing instruction, fun competitions, camaraderie. (and it's free! lift ticket not included) Amazing. Sorry I missed it. Next year, Mountain Creek.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Sorry I missed it. Next year, Mountain Creek.
We're sorry that you missed it, too.

Next year, Bear Creek.

There were two people there on Skwals - that seems like it would be right up your alley.
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Bear Creek , that's what I meant. Skwals, yeah, that would be me if I didn't already have an alpine snowboard and a nordic monoski. Jb told me teleboards look scary. To me Skwals look scary. It's great though to hear that other styles were representing. (Dylan showing up last year on freestyle gear He was a hardbooter when I first met him in the eighties) My feeling is that skiers on short carvers could also bring a new element to these events. I would love to see alpine boarders and "eurocarvers" (if anyone in US actually swings that way) mixing it up.
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I think that skwals look like a blast. I would want to ride them in ski boots, though. I don't see hardboots having the necessary lateral support for them.

Last year, the circle carve was WON on a freestyle setup! (The Noodle)

If I had time, I would love to throw my slalom skis on, but I have way too much fun on my boards. I can definitely do better in the circle carve on my skis.

There were plenty of euro carvers there. Heck, the limbo is basically an EC competition.

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MAC Tracks


Where can we see pics of this year's fun? Any website veiwing up yet?

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When I know, you'll know.
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I'm bumping this thread so that everyone that contributed will be reminded of MAC Tracks '08
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