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Alterior Motives

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What are your top three favorite Resorts? Please list in order.

1. Steamboat Springs

2. Copper Mountain

3. Whistler/Blackcomb
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1. Vail
2. Copper
3. Whistler

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1. Sunshine Village, Alberta
2. Snowmass, Colorado
3. Grand Targhee, Wyoming

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1. Sun Valley, Idaho
2. Snowmass, Colo.
3. Vail, Colo.

Sun Valley has the best pitch out of any mountain I've ever skied. From top to bottom it is excellent, challenging terrain. The best skiers I've ever seen by the way. Snowmass, although it is billed as a family resort, has all kinds of great terrain. Plus it's right by Aspen. Vail, is just huge.
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My skiing expierence outside of Colorado is limited:

1. Vail
2. Steamboat
3. Copper

I would have put a vote in for A-Basin, though only when they have lots of snow, it is a bit lacking this year.
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1. Jackson Hole
2. Alta
3. Snowbird
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1) Arlberg Region (St. Anton, Lech, Zurs, etal)
2) Huit Vallees (Meribel, Courcheval, Val Thorens, La PLagne, Les Arcs, etal)
3) Whistler

Size Matters.
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. . . and so, Lars, just what ARE these "Alterior" [not in dictionary] motives, hmmmmm?

Favorite for WHAT? I found Brighton to be ideal for the EpicSki Academy. If I had to pick just one place for skiing fun, it would be Steamboat, but I'm not so sure it would be best for the gathering because it's so isolated - no ready and close access to other areas.

So back to the question: What are your motives?
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1 Arlberg
2 Jackson Hole
3 Snowbird
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1. Squaw Valley
2. Apex
3. Telluride

I must tell you that I have ulterior motives behind this, my "favorites" list.

1. Squaw Valley (start of Western States)

2. Apex (start & finish of the Eagle)

3. Telluride (approx. halfway point of Hardrock every other year)
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hey Lars, didn't you mean "Ulterior"?

anyway, I don't like "resorts" but I would be able to ski at one if my arm was twisted far enough, if the women were beautiful and available enough, or if the snow was nice enough.

I don't know any of the Colorado "resorts" other than Vail and I haven't been there since 1979.

If we have to go resort-style... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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"Alterior" came from a ski magazine article titled "Alterior Motives" Actually it was "Altarior Motives" from Alta and a cross with ulterior. Sounds like something Yogie Berra would say huh?

Anyway, I was thinking if everyone posted their three favorite ski areas, and we took the three that came up the most, the Bears could vote from three, to decide where to have the next gathering/academy.

Just a thought, if no one likes the idea, don't post.
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#1 Vail

#2 Sun Valley

#3 S. Lake Tahoe

There they are, big and beautiful.
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1. Alta, Utah
2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
3. About an 8 way tie...

The best resort/ski area is one that I am skiing at any given moment, because I am having the time of my life right then and there!
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1.)Crested Butte Co.

2.)Jackson Hole

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It is interesting that no one has listed Whistler as #1. They are always the top pick in the readers poll in the ski mags.
1) Aspen - great terrain with the night life
2) Jackson Hole - greater terrain
3) Whistler - It's like Disney Land
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1. Copper (close to Denver, uncrowded during the week, relatively steep terrain)
2. Winter Park (closer to Denver, great bumps, great snow)
3. Vail (something for everyone)
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1) Thredbo - everybody is friendly - I love the staff there

2) Falls Creek - ski school is AWESOME & lift staff are OK - someone please teach ANYONE at Falls how to make coffee...

3) Whistler - well it is the only other resort I've skied. Yes they get a 3 - because they are HORRID to disabled skiers & the head of ski school doesn't answer any calls/messages. Guest services are nice - but if the others don't respond to them what can they do? Terrain is good.
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A thread on everyone's favorite resorts sounds interesting and fun, but this is not for the gathering decision. That discussion is being held in the Meeting Forum and there are other factors that need to be considered so a straight up/down vote can't be the final word.
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Ski Area (i.e. purely skiing):
1. Alta
2. Winter Park
tie for third: Val d'Isere/Whistler.

Ski Resorts (ski, apres, night-life, etc):
1. Val d'Isere
2. Whistler
3. Saalbach
I'm concerned that I may be getting too old for Val, or that my liver may finally give out the next time I'm there. But, as my dad used to say "You're only as old as the woman you feel"

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1. Val d'Isere
2. Val d'Isere
3. Val d'Isere
Hopefully I'll get the chance to sample somewhere outside Europe next year.
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