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Theo Speaks

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Comments, anyone? Conspiracy theories?

"The team had some weaknesses. It was an imperfect team, to be sure. Those weaknesses were not revealed in the first half, when we were fresh and playing well, and they weren't revealed in Interleague Play [where the Sox were 16-2], to be sure. But they were exposed in the second half, and that's our fault."
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you thought this year was tough? Wait'll next year...

umm ... he's been waiting to the end of the season to justify all his blunders to the overpriced ticket buying Sox fans out there.

Almost sounds like their goal next year is to (just) make the playoffs from the article ... that's not a gimme either looking at where they are now.

Of course, now they need a closer, since in their infinite wisdom they'll remove the only solid guy in the bullpen ... I dunno about that one ....
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You think they'll try to shop Manny, or would that be an even bigger mistake?

Was the August collapse, as many contend, a perfect storm of injuries, or (as ct55 claims) blunders from Theo?
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no easy answers at this point - Manny's an all-time great, but his refusal to play for a month was pretty bad too. Personally I think he's not the big problem at least on the field.

It should be an interesting offseason. Not too many decisions/gambles worked out for them this year as far as trades or non-trades so they have their work cut out.
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