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Spyder Entrant

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Purely a question.
I see Spyder Entrant, on some suits, and on some Sypder pants. Theres also another name...i'm thinking a branch of spyder.
What is it?
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Its a type of material they use. Their best breathable, stretchable, water proof fabric they use in their pants and some jackets etc. Looks good, feels good. Registered trademark name of material.
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Spyder lists these waterproof/breathable materails on their website (not a bad place to research this sort of question):

Schoeller 3XDry
Dry Web
Spyder XT and XTL

I hope this helps.
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Arite thanks a lot!
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I have some spyder black ski pants from the mid 2000's, that are 4 way stretch w/ thinsulate and have a bit of sheen to them.   Does spyder have anything similar now?    They are comfy as heck.

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