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Ski season in Vermont: It's BAAAACK!!!

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Today, Sunday, March 24, 2002 the ski season at Smugglers' Notch is BAAAACK!!!! YES! Even the blue groomers [not entirely groomed, Gott sie dankte] were sweet. But the woods had it all - and freshies there were not hard to find. Today, in fact, was THE best day of the season - and it's COLD, so the stuff will BE here for a while longer! YES! YES! YES!
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Yep!!! Two best days I had at Jay so far. 50+ inches in last week. 20+ from Sat morning to Sun morning.
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Same in NH... skied fluff on Saturday and some nice packed on Sunday. Plus it was snowing at the top of the hill the whole time!
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eug, i figured you had found your way to Jay this past wknd. I drove up from Franconia on Sat, a few fresh inches with light snow falling, just snowed harder & harder all day I cleaned about 6" off the car at 5 PM and had one wicked drive back in a whiteout on I-91. And then the 20" dump overnight! I was skiing off the tram on most of the trails down the front of the mountain, chrome helmet, blue "event tester" jacket. watched the skier-x for a while.
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Yes, sir. Sure did. I would have shot myself if I missed this w/e. I was the first one under the quad, did not bother with the tram. Got my share of ice moguls covered by 20 inches of fresh. Then glades on both sides. Timbuktu was great, especially if you missed the flags and went a little futher out.

I did a couple of runs into Green Beret but decided to save my skis and did not drop from the top ridge. How was it? Was there a way down without trashing your bases? From down below it looked more like rock downclimbing getting into those chutes.

We should sync up a little better next time. Do you have one of those Motorolla radios? We can pick a bear channel next time.
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It's weird. I was at this local club Saturday night. We took a break, and this fat lady walked up to the mic and looked like she was about to sing. Then she just backed off and walked off the stage without uttering a sound. Like I said, it's weird!
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Even Wachusett in MA had a beautiful day on the 23rd. All packed powder, with the occasional ice patch to keep you on your toes. Sure, it's a small mountain, but the upper levels are well-suited to my skill level, so I have a good time. Lots of fun!
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There is nothing, and I repeat nothing, wrong with good old Wachusett. Nothing beats a good night of starter jackets, rear entry boots, smoking in the lift line, and the occasional "Dude you wicked f*&@&@*'in suck" yelled off the lift.
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when you went past rope on Timbuktu, did you go all the way out or did you eventually cut back to the trail? Me and my friends were ripping those trees 3 days straight, they were unreal. We went all the way out to the other side of the ridge, there were FRESH turns to be had all day long. The downside was having to hitchike back to the Jet chair, but so what. The priceless look of exhaustion that breaks into a grin from ear to ear within 4 seconds... Even people that busted their gear on the way down were simply happy for the turns they got to make - no bad energy. EPIC weekend.
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Yeah, Jay was pretty sweet. Not like some of the epic days from last year, though.
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Tominator: let me guess you had a nice relaxing w/e in Medway and now aren't really enjoying the powder reports.

Noodles: I was by myself and so I did not venture far and eventually cut back to the trail. I should have PM'd you but by the time I decided to go it was Friday and you were gone already. Well there is always next time.

I missed most of the last year but did get a chance to ski a few days at Jay. This w/e was pretty damn close. My preception is altered a bit since this was my first time on 10.EX in soft snow.
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Hey, I'm an a**hole but I just finished my third consecutive weekend, impeccabale timing , of powder riding and skiing.

This past weekend was 15" of freshie on Saturday morning, 0845 chair followed up by 8" of freshie Sunday morning 0840 chair. The previous weekend was 8" on Saturday, 0830 chair followed by 13" on Sunday with another 6" during the day. I can't remember the particulars for three weeks back but I seem to remember a very windy day 30 mph winds doing their thing all day followed by a 10" powder day with frsh snow and wind, that was a great day.

I think I rode my board 5 of the past 6 weekend days at 3 different resorts all within 50 minutes of my hot tub!!

Now spring may be visiting for a few days so I'll be subject to corn snow :. Good skiing through April is guarenteed(sp).

I love spring time in the Sierra [img]smile.gif[/img]

Remember all the gloating that the east coasters did last season?
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