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I'm going to buy my second pair of skiis this fall. I am 20, 6'3", 190. I guess I'm a 7/10 (advanced intermediate to advanced).

I have a pair of K2 Axis (no X) in 188 right now, so i will use my new pair for groomers only. Im looking for something stable at high speeds, and good on ice, as well as bumps - i ski in new england mostly. I like my k2's, but they arent good on moguls or ice, and can be sluggish.

So far I am thinking of going with a pair of Elan Ripsticks in 170 or 178. Are these what i am looking for? Will they be to unforgiving for mistakes - I am not a technical skiier? Can you think of a better choice for the same $ or less? Thanks, I really appreciate your help.

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The Ripstick is really good on ice but may not be terribly forgiving in bumps especially for a mid level skier. There are tons of '07 models that would fit your bill, but among '06 models that really shine on hard snow, here is one that is both smooth and forgiving.

Nordica SUV 12.1

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The Ripstick are a great choice and a bargain too... http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...oduct_Count=15

Take a few lessons and enjoy a new level of skiing.


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Thanks for your responses. The RX8 looks interesting, can anyone tell me how it compares to the Ripstick?
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Ummmm. They are both pretty similar. The RX8 might have a slightly tighter radius. Purely based on the fact that those Ripsticks are an ABSOLUTELY SCREAMIN DEAL I would go with them. I would pick up a pair for myself at that price, but with RX9s as my current ski they would be a bit redundant.
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RX8 - slightly smaller radius, all-speed ski, ride feels responsive and light.
Ripstick - slightly larger radius, not for slow speeds, ride feels more solid and cushioned.

Both capable of fairly high performance.
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