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Ski boots used with Carving snowboards? - Page 2

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How much does a more forwards~angled boot stance effect leverage? It reduces leverage I've heard but howmuch? I have 285 size boots~ 10.5mens and they seem to overhang somewhat more than 1cm on each side. And my friend's boots are a bit larger I'm sure...so I'll probably be changing the stance angle a bit. I dont want it to be barely be too much overhang for me then too much for him.
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When you are just starting out you won't get tired from the riding part of it but from the wiping out and picking yourself up! Anyways, What are the angles set at? Not a lot of room for error with an alpine board when learning. Also getting up from a downed position in those boots and with extreme degrees, tougher than a soft setup? Not really but maybe for a noob. Should be fun...

To watch.
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Well, the burton m6 board is quite wide...though directional. It looks almost like a slim all mountain board but directional. The stance angle looks close to 45 on the front and 30~35 on the back. I'm not really sure..as I havnt measured it exacty. What are common alpine stance angles on slightly wider boards anyways?
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Well...I was able to get ahold of my friend's boots. 29.5 and not only are they larger 29.5 vs 28.5....I cant beleive the length difference. I had to adjust the stance angle much more agressively so there wasnt alot of overhang. Anyways, I'm glad the burton m6 board is much wider than a pure carving board otherwise my friend would have toe overhang that would be bad.
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So, how'd you make out riding the old Burton with ski boots? If you like it, I suggest keeping your eyes on Bomber's classified section for a pair of lightly used SB hardboots. You'll also want some more modern bindings and board too. There are some hardbooters in MI who I'm sure would be willing to let you try some of their stuff. If you make it out to Tahoe at all in the winter, check out tahoecarvers.com. We'll find you some gear to try out. Or go to Aspen for Bomber's SES and they'll have everything you could ever want to demo.

I know some folks who ride in ski boots, but when they switch to SB boots, they love it. The only WorldCupper I know who still uses ski boots is Anton Pogue (now retired from the World Cup). He's used Raichle Flexon Comps for years. They are highly modified though, plus he's a tall rider and very good (obviously).

I so don't miss hills with 300ft of vertical. Ouch. M Go Blue!
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The snow/weather here in MI isnt great right now. The ski areas are closed right now, hopefully it turns cold again soon. I hear a main problem with ski boots are they are too stiff? My boots have an adjustable tongue for flex and dont seem overly stiff.
Once I'm able to try it out I'll post how I did I'm going to get a helmet aswell, figure its not a bad idea. I'll keep an eye out over at bombers for used equipment, I hang out around there alot even if I dont post much. Buying cared for but used equipment sure beats retail...
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