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Where to ski for a Month???

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Wife and I are relocating to California in early 2007 and we're going to take a few months off between jobs. We're thinking of going to Colorado for about a month in March-ish. Any thoughts on where to ski? I'm thinking anout Breckenridge/Keystone/A-Basin for the all-in-one ski pass. Is there anywhere else that has a few ski resorts in close proximity that we can ski on one ticket? It has to be Colorado or Utah (maybe Canada but not the Whistler area).

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Of course skiing in California wouldn't make sense.:
March you can take your pick. Utah, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon. Its all good.
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where to ski

CirqueRider is totally right. There is so much available around that area that you pretty much just follow the snow... keep up to date on the weather radar and drive overnight to where it supposed to drop. Solid bets for good snow are Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee, Alta... anyone could have told you that though. If you are keen on in Colorado, my favorites are Winterpark, A-Basin, Copper, and Berthoud. A-basin is a classic must and Copper (in my opinion has the best variety of terrain with the least amount of 'family resortiness. Although, that is fast giving way).

I live in BC and we got some sick skiing here for sure. If it's a good snow year (and I'm praying it is) gotta check out Whistler. Also, for interior BC Red Mtn and Whitewater (little ma and pa place) are solid. Never been, but Fernie/Kicking Horse/Panaroma have terrain comparable to Whistler. Wicked mountains for sure.
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There may be more but here are the all-in-one ski passes I'm aware of.

Full Pass or Ski 3 Pass - all of Vail/BC/Breck/Keystone/ABasin or Breck/Keystone/ABasin with 10 days to Vail/BeaverCreek and 1/2 price tickets at Heavenly Resort.
Rocky Mtn SuperPass - Copper Mtn and Winter Park about 1hr drive from each other.
Premier Pass and 7-day Classic Pass - Aspen Mtn, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and Buttermilk/Tiehack.
Colorado Ski Country USA Gold Pass - 25 resorts, any day, fully transferable. A sizeable 3g pricetag, though.

Alta / Snowbird Unlimited Pass

Ski Big 3 - one ticket or pass good at Banff,AB areas (Ski Banff@Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise). Beautiful scenery as you are in a Nat'l Park most of the time!

Pass prices generally range from around $300 on up to $1800. What is prevalent is the less blackout dates and restrictions the more pricey your pass is going to be. Doing some research on the web will help you find the type of pass that suits you best.

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dixterBC has it right. Having a whole month to ski is a rare opportunity so don't think in terms of the standard book-ahead-and-fly-somewhere-for-a-week model. Take off in your car and follow the snow.
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If your looking at passes there's also a Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Pass that will work at Lake Louise, Fernie, Kimberly & Nakiska

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8 Mountain Pass in Canadian Rockies

Sunshine, Norquay, Panorama, Marmot, Fernie, Louise, Kimberley, Nakiska....

Available at:


However, you probably have to ski two or three months to get your money's worth. What a sacrifice......
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what a dream! don't worry about saving a few bucks with a pass, ski 10 days in colorado, 10 days in utah and 10 days california!!!
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Thanks for the info. I'd love to follow the snow around but we're looking to rent a place for a month with a kitchen etc. and have a sort of "home base". Otherwise, it's going ot get a bit pricey. Normaly, I'm not a penny pincher (just the opposite), but we are also going to Australia for a month and then on safari in Africa before "surf-bumming" it for a few weeks so I need to make the $$$ stretch or I'll end up cutting things short which would really be depressing... If I can get one pass that would let me ski the five resorts in Colorado, and be able to rent one place, I think I can save enough to make it all work.

Besides, I've only been to Colorado once so if I could hit Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge and A-Basin, I would be pretty stoked.

Thanks again. Winter can't come fast enough this year!!!
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SnowbirdDevotee's idea could still work: 10 days in Summit County Colorado, 10 days in SLC, 10 days in Reno/Carson Valley, all pretty cheap for lodging, should be able to get places with a kitchen.
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