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Originally posted by
dedicated to the FIS carving cup events and Coppa Italia Carving FISI events.
M@tteo- Is there something unique about this new event (FIS carving cup)? Sounds like it is not a regular slalom. Some kind of a cross with freestyle? How is the "carving" judged?

(sorry, you've raised my curiosity and my Italian is non-existant if you can't see me waving my hands...)
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It is not a regular Slalom course.
Instead of gates, there are buoys (I've literally
translated, so I think this is not the correct term used in English), round low object (from what I see are about 10-20 cm in height, 30 cm in diameter, rubber or foam filled), this way, the reacers can make turns with their bodies lying very low (like a MOTOGP racer...) "inside"
the turn.
Additionally, jumps are inserted into the course (two/three).
The race itself consists of different runs

Each racer has the run for him/herself, the points are accredited taking into account the time and how the racer performs the turn, but I do not know much beyond that.
I'll try to get better informations.

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Powder, I just found the official site:
It's in English, and there you'll find the complete rules, and more.
I'll start reading myself.
Happy reading to you.
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Into the page above, look for the RACE formula, which I report ditto hereunder (NOT my translation, this time):
The race formula

The race consists in a tracing that can have a minimum of eight zones of turn a maximum of twelve. Each turn zone has a minimum of one and maximum of three buoys (distant approximately 1,5 meter between of they) that they can be disposed in sense horizontal, vertical or oblique. The more external buoy gives 5 points, those median 4 and those inner 3. The buoy must be last to the outside as if giant door were one. The athlete therefore can choose the curve line that she wants. Obviously to pass from the more external buoy means to put also more time to us. The " game " is just this, to make more heads possible in minor the time, because the contest formula is divided TIME POINTS (the total of all the buoys). The result then comes multiplied for 100 in order to eliminate the zero. The race score more low is the best one. The race has 3 step: 1a step: qualifications. All the athletes (men and women together) dispute two runs, where it is considered that better. 2a step : semifinal. The first 30 men and first ten women of the qualifications dispute one run. Before the women leave, then the men. 3a step: the final. The first 10 men and the first 5 women of the semifinal dispute one run. Before the women leave, then the men.
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"To make more heads possible in minor the time"?????????????????
Mamma mia! Did Father Guido Sarducci write that?
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Originally posted by Philth:
"To make more heads possible in minor the time"?????????????????
Mamma mia! Did Father Guido Sarducci write that?
It's written in Itlish.

M@tteo- Thanks for the research and posts. Looks like fun. I wish the web site had a better picture of the "obstacles". Perhaps when I have time to look at one of the videos. From the description the racer can select the degree of difficulty he wants by making wider and wider turns. Sounds interesting.
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Originally posted by Philth:
"To make more heads possible in minor the time"?????????????????
Mamma mia! Did Father Guido Sarducci write that?
Hence my disclaimer
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Yes, that's the spirit, take the wider turn,
and get lower points, but higher speed, ideally a higher finish time; or the narrowest one, and more points but at lower speed, even if this should mean a lower finish time...
To each competitor (and their trainer) the choiche...
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I hope the following images (taken from Carving Cup ) will give a good idea of what the Carving Cup is.
Gianera again

nider again

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Thanks for the images. Looks like a blast. I interpret the scoring to be:

Score= 100*(time)/(total of bouys)

That way two skiers that do the same bouys (same "total of bouys") will be differentiated by their times (lowest wins). And two skiers that have different bouy totals and the same time will be differentiated by bouy count (widest turns get a higher total and win).

And 8 to 12 turns per run.

Looks like fun.
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Wow, I love those pictures!
Eurocarvers are an interesting breed of ski. I always wanted some Axecleavers, but..

This year, I splurged on some ultra Eurocarves: Stockli Ravers. They come in only 2 sizes, 152 and 162. The bigger one is intended for heavy men, but I got those thinking the longer length might give them more all-mountain ability, especially in soft snow (shorties are awful in fresh).

Well, they did have all-mtn ability, but they are hard work, as I am not quite heavy enough for htem. Although they are only 162cm, the topsheet is a monster layer of metal, and the dimensions are: shovel 120mm (yes!), waist 68 and tail 109 (and they flared out in the standard stockli manner). They weigh a ton, too.

They hated being made to skid, had only 2 speeds (fast and terrifying), and were not happy in bumps. Or maybe they were happy, but i sure wasn't. They weren't great for teaching, either, as their preference for fast and carving made it hard for students to follow my line.
I did get them to carve a full circle though!

Had to buy some crummy skis in the end, for teaching, passing exams etc.
These Ravers are made for wide open slopes, and very fast speeds!
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ant, do you mean these?

Stockli rave xp

Well, you could start a new "instruction style":
How to fun-carve (that's how the particular turns that you can make with those skis are referred to, here) or How to Eurocarve.
Schools in Austria and Italy, and I'm sure in Switzerland and France too, are offering this kind of lessons, for people who want to exploit at their best the possibilities of these skis.

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