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EpicSki Podcast: Post questions for Lisa Marie Mercer

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Lisa Marie Mercer is well-known here on EpicSki and needs no introduction. As the ESA Fitness Coach, journalist, and author, Lisa has exceptional knowledge and information on fitness specifically for those of us who spend time gliding down mountainsides in the snow.

So, step up and post your questions for Lisa in this thread!
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I have heard from writers how much they had submitted before they got published.
Was this a goal of yours that you put much effort into?
Or did this come from your writing being recognized as expert ,educated and respected .
Were you requested to write your new book as recognition of your earlier writing as being salable and a good bet for the publisher?
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What do you see as the primary target muscle groups for skiing fitness? What exercises would you use to help the average week a year skier get the most out of their on snow time?

What do you see as the weaknesses of current snowsports journalism, and which writers do you think are "getting it right"?
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Lisa, My Wife Martha had disk surgery on her lower back a short while ago. She is now cleared to resume regular activity and got the ok to ski again this Winter. What can she do to strengthen her back to help prevent a possible ski related injury. As of right now, jogging and impact arobics are out of the question.

Congratulations on your book. Hope it's a best seller.
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getting older

Most workouts are aimed at the 20-something. Any tips for the 50+ especially leg strength, balance, etc, for quads, hams, glutes, etc.?
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If you want to ask specific book questions, you can take a look at the sneak preview in this thread:

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As your skiing has improved over the years, what changes have you made to your classes to help others get into better shape?
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Cold Muscle

Talk to me about stretching a cold muscle. My wife goes on and on about stretching a cold muscle. She says "never stretch a cold muscle". Generally I do stretch a cold muscle if at all. Before going down the hill is the only time that I think of it and it's when I feel rusty.

Do skier normally stretch before skiing and is that done with or without skis on. What should be stretched and how?
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I'd like to bump this thread now that I've finally completed the first podcast. Hopefully, you've had a chance to listen to it, so please now post some additional questions for Lisa Marie so that we can get this podcast started!

I hope to record it during the ESA in Aspen, so let's get those questions in here!
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In quite a few sports there is a clear distinction between participants with slow-twitch muscle fiber dominance and those with fast-twitch muscle fiber dominance. This is possibly even noticed in ski-fitness training programs.

Is there a noticeable divide, then, in recreational ski sport?

Does the sense of muscle contraction (concentric/eccentric) affect this divide?

Should there be an awareness of this, that could possibly affect choice of skiing goals (groomer cruising, tree skiing, zipperline bumping)?
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Please compare and contrast the various methods for warm-up and cool-down and describe the current state of understanding which is the more effective for each.
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Jan 10, 2007

Dear Lisamarie:

Every other day, I'll do streching and core muscle exercise. For one of the core muscle exercise, I do traditional sit-ups (with the hands behind the head and the knees bent) 100+ reps. I discovered that when I approach 110-120 reps my abdominal muscle start to get sore, but if I persist the soreness will go away and I feel like I'm starting from scratch. I usually stop at 135-150, since I don't want to suffer overtraining injuries. Is this phenomenon usual in strengh building exercises?

I would also like to hear your thoughs on stretching cold or warm (muscles).


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I recently got a medicine ball for Christmas and I like to balance on it while watching TV. It takes constant correction to stay balanced. Will this rather painless form of exercise strengthen my core or am I kidding myself that this is anything more than a dog and pony trick that I happen to do very well indeed?
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