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Go Michael!

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Michael Milton - having set the world speed skiing record on 1 leg - says he is now setting his sights on the Australian speed skiing record
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So what is the record in the different categories?
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quotes from other site...

Michael Milton - Australia's multi winter paralympic medalist is currently trying to set all sorts of one leg speed skiing records.

He has broken the old record of 186km/h with a run of 193.16km/h!!!


The Aussie SS record is 218km/h.
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Does that mean it's a record set by an Australian, or a record set in Australia? If it's in Australia, where is the course?
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Nope, Michael has beaten the world record for a one-legged skiier.
His next goal is the Australian able-bodied speed record.

He's been on the radio a lot this week, apparently the speed courses are in France and somewhere else. We don't have mountains long enough here.

He's a Canberra boy btw.
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I met and skied with Michael at the speed skiing event in Sun Peaks, British Columbia in February.

He was travelling with his sister (team manager)

Great people

He talked at that time about trying to best the world record and i am glad to see that he did it.

Do you know where and when this happened?
i'm guessing it may have been at the Red Rock Cup at Vars this past weekend
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sorry -no - I saw him on TV while at the gym - the other clients not interested - the sound was off... hence info lifted from another site....

Hope he gets it...

Yes - taught to skate by guuys from sisters shop - : .....

he skates on 1 leg as does one of the other paralympians from here abouts... (this is how they tell me I can do it - I HAVE 2 legs even if they are a bit dodgy sometimes...)
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How the hell do you skate on one leg?!? :
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very very carefully I imagine!
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OK, I'm impressed. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Theoretically he should have an aerodynamic advantage over a 2 legged competitor. Wouldn't that be great to see this guy eventually shoot for the two legged world speed mark. Anyone know what that mark is currently?
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I think it's around 240 km/h...

From Kilometro Lanciato/Speedskiing :

Speedskiing is coming down from a mountain in the fastest way possible
with a pair of ski under your feet.
Quite simple to say, not so much to do.
Since the '30s, people try to get high speed on skis.
Nowadays the world men's record is 250,700 Km/h by Philippe Goitschel (FRA)
and 242,260 Km/h for women by Karine Dubouchet (FRA).
Both records were done at Arcs 2000 in France in April 23th 2002.
Don't know it these records have been already broken

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Above link and informations can also be read here
See Les Arcs KL
Depuis les vitesses n’ont cessé d’augmenter pour atteindre aujourd’hui 250,700 Km/h pour le record mondial homme remporté par Philippe Goitschel et pour les dames, Karine Dubouchet (France) avec 242,260 Km/h.
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& for those that don't know (like most of the population) THIS is the guy that cleaned up all four alpine gold medals at the last paralympics....
He is simply GREAT on that 1 leg

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