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snowboarders hate skiiers at my school. - Page 2  

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Originally Posted by .Noodles View Post
Well those kids are clearly cooler than you because they snowboard. You'd better start hanging out with them if you want to stand any chance of getting laid in high school.
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this is clearly a -skiing - is not cool, boarding is.
give all those boarders about 10 years to join the working world and notice that skiing is the economic driver for skiing and boarding and maybe they wont view skiers as so bad.
not saying skiing is better, but skiers are still a much higher majority of the payers for ski resorts and skiing related industries. of course, you cant tell that to most teenagers.
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ok I wish someone would tell me of this really is a 14 year old kid who XC skis from Pa, or one of the best trolls going. Skilom my offer still stands I PMed you to try to talk to you but your refusal to talk to me is leading me to believe your a troll. and a pretty good one at that.

Just thought the board would like to know that little tid bit.....I tried to explain to him this board isnt a XC board, and want to get him start on alpine or telegear with my old stuff, but hey he is either really shy, or he is a troll. Given his knowledge on Xc skis I am think I know who on this site is doing it. He is self proclaimed "kook" and posted in this thread. In fact the person has quote himself before without logging in to his "alias" names. Probably not a bad guy but no offense most bears arent that astute for picking up on ali.

So yes I am calling troll untill we see a TR of some sorts or one of the bears goes XC skiing with him. or just contact me and prove me wrong skilom I have giver you everyway imaginable to prove me wrong.
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i just got troll suckered ? ouch.
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I'm waiting to find out what federal lock down lets you cross country ski and have access to a computer.

I don't think the other kids pick on you as much as you imagine. How many hours in the exercise yard to you get each day?

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yeah whatever. I don't care. I just like to talk about skiing because I can't right now!
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Given his knowledge on Xc skis I am think I know who on this site is doing it. He is self proclaimed "kook" and posted in this thread. In fact the person has quote himself before without logging in to his "alias" names. Probably not a bad guy but no offense most bears arent that astute for picking up on ali
I just want to know how you figured out my real name is ali.
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perceived in various aspects

although I'm not inclined to venture out on a board I think the boarder has an easier time to manuever on the light fluff of some enormous first run of the day. and they do tend to chomp the snowpack differently thru the course of a snow event. Similiar to the way a mogul field might be created out east, by a winch snowcat groomer in a non-natural snow field. my after thought being if snowboard jumping were ever considered off a ski jump would things be too brutal or would a redesigned type of flying be in vogue. Please do not try this too far from home and beware of my suggestion. v.varmit:
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Not me

Believe it or not, "Kook" is the only handle I've posted under on this forum, and I've never posted with aliases anywhere. MY "Kook" handle is shocked, well, amused actually, that someone's so wrapped up in the forum that my handle is supposed to be multiple things. I'm sure calmer handles will get together though and sort the whole thing out.

I believe Skilom was contacted and simply likes XC skiing? In which case, Skilom, I do owe you an apology myself for not originally taking you seriously. Any type of snowsliding is great and in fact lots of snowboarders take up telemarking down the road due to the similarity of the turns. Plus, in high school if you also run XC and track it's a great crew of people to hang out with.
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interesting correlation between tele and boarding.

that might account for why my old college roommate switched from boarding to tele.

when we were in college he switched from downhill to boarding eventually getting to the point where he was racing (hard boots, swallow-tail, the whole 9).

he switched back to two-planking several years ago, but instead of going back to his alpine sticks, he took up tele. now he tele's and boards (when the snow is crazy deep).
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Yeah, lower to the snow, balance between the feet and shaping the turn with both feet and all that. Plus the cute members of the opposite sex who tele.
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Originally Posted by Skilom_141 View Post
I don't know why. Lots of snowboarders hate me as a cross-country skiier. Only a few boarders don't hate me. Someone said if they ever saw me skiing, he would come and run me over. Another class-mate said skiing is gay, and don't ski!! :
We'll, I'm sorry, but cross country skiing is sort of gay. It's just inherent to the sport. Sort of a euro-gayness. Not cool, really. I don't think the snowboarders actually hate you, they just think you're lame.

Seriously, I suggest getting into a sport/hobby that you enjoy, but is cool and trendy. I also suggest keeping it low key until you are good at it, so that you don't look like a poser. Newschool skiing might fit. Or you could snowboard (but don't look like a poser!!).

The sooner you start being cool, the better.....especially if you're going into high school. If you don't, one day in your late 20's you'll wake up and figure out you're a huge nerd, but then it will be too late.
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Personally, just stick to your guns, man. What usually (emphasis on "usually", which means that it isn't "always" the case) happens is that the nerds in high school end up being the cool ones in college and the "real" world beyond that.

Besides, when I was in high school the "stoners" hated the jocks who hated the nerds who hated the popular people who hated the geeks and so on and so forth. Most of those labels get tossed out the window by the time you reach your late 20s.

I'd keep xc skiing, but you might also want to take up downhill or BC/AT or another snow sport that will get you out and on the hill with some other kids your age.

I would never go so far as to call xc skiing "gay" (that's just stupid), but it does tend to be a sport that appeals to older folks (i.e. everybody I know who xc skis is in their 30s and didn't pick it up until their late 20s at the earliest).

The bottom line is that when you're in Jr. and High School if you do anything "out of the norm" then people are gonna "hate" on you. Sadly, that's the way of the world. Of course if you become totally bada$$ at xc and end up winning an olympic gold in the future, just think who will have the last laugh?

one final note, since this is predominantly a downhill/alpine skiing forum, you might want to check out some online communities that cater specifically to xc skiing. You'll definitely get more "love" from them.

stay strong young grasshopper!

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you guys are still feeding this troll.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
you guys are still feeding this troll.
How do you know it's a troll? Wasn't he contacted and determined to be legit?

Let me break this down for you: you contacted what may well have been a 14 year old kid directly and offered him expensive sporting equipment. Obviously with the best of intentions on your part, but how is he to know? I'm very leery of meeting people off of message boards and I'm not a kid. SO he doesn't respond to your nice gesture.

Here's where it gets wierd: you feel rejected, or some such, and post about the content of your pms here. Weak stuff. Rather than contacting the moderators about your suspicions the kid's not legit, you decide to go all internet cop and post about it here for all to see. Weaker yet. Particularly sad when if you're wrong you're being hurtful to a kid as a result.

You think I'm the "troll," groovy, but still pretty wierd. In fairness to you on that one, other people have accused me of being an alias for other past posters here; while I'd stack my substantive post/post ratio up against just about anyone, by not having an aspirational handle and sometimes in my posts I seem to step on a lot of toes. Whatever, tell me where I'm talking out my backside and I'll actually respond seriously.

There're lots of posts on here that to my eye are to a degree trolling, I've got better things to do personally than call people on it. I admit I initially thought that for skilom, but if he's been proved out, that works for me.

Try posting about actual skiing. This here is a snowboard forum, post about snowboarding too if you want.
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Ok - the original posting had all the marks of a troll. We checked it out. To the best of our abilities we determined that this was a kid being honest and looking for help. There have been numerous suggestions pro and con. The cons have had their fun without stepping over the line. The pros have offered ideas that should help. So I'm closing this thread (and I freely admit that 1/2 the reason is that this will be my first thread closing as a moderator)

With respect to policing for trolls, that's what the moderators do. We do appreciate your help in this matter, but prefer that you simply use the report post function to do so. As bad as trolling is, it's worse to falsely accuse someone of it. That's why we check these things out personally to see if the story holds water and delete the threads that don't. As a general policy we try to keep moderation issues in the background so that the threads stay focused on meaningful content.

Thank you and Happy Holidays. Did I mention that this is the season of forgiveness?
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