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Another reason I am no longer an Attorney

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Originally Posted by Maddog View Post
I love it!
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Is it or isn't it real? I can actually see this being used.
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When I did my divorce without legal representation I found many of these types of online services or lawyers that would, for a small fee , make sure you are on the right track weaving your way through the paper and court jungle.
I researched all of my steps and by luck met a lawyer who was stood up for a meeting in the Facilitators office and gve me 10 minutes of her time and lets me know wherther i was going about my divoece in the right manner.
I finished my divorce in Ex Parte and and all I paid was form fees and a lot of my time going to the law library and court appearances.

I learned quite a bit a long the way but the most information of usefullness I learned was in the clues given along the way about your options and you went through each step. When the commissioner stamped my decree as final i believe I got a look of admiration from him from handling this myself with no legal representation . I had seen him twice before going through the steps through the months it took.
Yeah this guy is for real and often times lawyers are overrated. In criminal cases I think they are worth every thing they get.
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I did my own divorce. The judge told me I wasn't taking enough in child support.

I said, "That may be true, but I want my daughter's father to see her, and if he has money, then he can see her more often." I thought that if I were not a 'bitch', then he'd want to come around and see her. I gave him everything. Little did I know, he had no interest in seeing her grow up. What an arse. I should have taken the money to give her a better life.

I've done divorces for friends. It's not hard. As long as they're simple, anyone can do them. You can ask for whatever you like. It's NOT up to the judge to tell YOU what you can do.

As long as you're in agreement, it works well. You may need a lawyer when you can't agree on terms.
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My wife didn't cooperate willingly over anything I served her with. What her mistake was in not responding in a timely fashon or properly . She neglected her responsibilities and lost her chance to oppose as I got the decree without her signing in on it since her window had expired and she hadn't responded . When the 90 day window expired I got the decree in Ex Parte on all my terms and was able to show she had abandoned her son in my care.
I was very fair but she could have done much better if she had participated.
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You snooze, you lose. It's not like she didn't have the Opportunity to do things.

I'm glad you got what you wanted.
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