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Climbing at Snowbasin

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Has anyone ever done in-resort climbing at snowbasin? Specifically up above the needles lift to access some of the bowls above it. Seems like there would be no other way to get to those stashes, unless one can trek across from John Paul?

Are the grades simple enough to simply put skis on my back and bootpack up? Or would one need skins?
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All of the stuff you are talking (upper cirque from Needles to Lone Tree) about it accessed off of the Strawberry Gondola. East of Arrowhead you can traverse and west you must bootpack up aways and then traverse on the west facing slope and then drop down in to the east whatever line you pick. Anything North of Needles is accessed by the My Allen tram and the bootpacking up to the south. Most of the hikes at the Basin are not very long.
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