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Rossi B3 skiers: opinions on mounting point?

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Just picked up a pair of '06 B3s (184cm) w/ the new (gag) Rossi bindings. Looking for some '05 Look P10/12s or Axial 120/140s to swap, but don't think a turntable (versus the new plate) will affect mounting point.

Any opinions/advice on mounting the B3s? Forward? Back? Dead on center?
FYI - These are the one-ski quiver for an aggressive, fast skier out west. I usually ride mounted dead center, but over the years went a 1/2cm back on some skis per advice.

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My B3s are mounted dead center. The only time I wish they were mounted back is when I'm skiing SG turns in wide open crud & powder.....fortunately I have some B4s I usually use in those conditions.
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Thanks Rio.

As it happens, I do seek out wide-open front and back bowls at Squaw, AM and Tha Wood, and I primarily make big fast GS and SG turns. And of course out here it's always crud or pow... Ha.

Hypothetical: if you had two pair (one mounted DoC and the other "back"), how far back from center do you think you might mount the junk/pow pair?

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I would probably go back about 1 cm on my B3s if I didn't have my B4s around.
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Thanks Rio. Anyone else?
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I'm center on my B3's and am happy where they're at, however my Bandit X's are mounted 1cm forward.
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Dead center. Check Realskiers on this; Rossi's tend to have their BOF pretty close to the mounting point.
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By "dead center," do those of you using the term mean "on the factory line?" I can see no reason to mount a B3 at true center.
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Yes, I'm referring to the factory center line when I say "dead center".
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takecontrol618: yeah, factory mounting line is 'dead-center' for purposes of *this* conversation.

Thanks for the responses, folks. These are going to be my one-ski-quiver, so I appreciate the feedback.

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Mine are dead center and I love them the way they are.
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I now have a pair of 07' B3's in 176 to compliment my 06' B3's in 184...Both are mounted "dead center".
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I think Beyond hit this but Rossi one of the best at manufacture dead on. I did toy with the idea of some cm move rearward for my B3, but thankfully did not...great all condition performer right on center. Good Skiing.
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seems to be some nomenclature confusion.

to the best of my limited understanding "Dead center" is the center of the ski, which would be equidistance from tip and tail.

most factory lines are NOT dead center, unless you're talking about a park/pipe ski.

last time i checked the B3 wasn't thrown in the park/pipe category.

additionally, from everything I've heard and read, the factory line is a tested and recommended mounting point for the ski as based on numerous tests. moving forward or back from the factory line can result in the ski handling different (I experienced this by mounting a pair of Armada's 1 cm back from the factory line and found them to pull me into the back seat...something which the reps from Armada warned me against).

at any rate, y'all should probably get on the proper page and determine if you are talking about the true "dead center" or the factory mounting line.

(you can find the true dead center by measuring from tip to tail).

the other option is to contact Rossi and find out where their recommended mounting point is.
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You are correct in your definition of "dead center", but if you actually read all the post in this thread you would've realized that it's already been cleared up that as it pertains to this thread, "dead center" is referring to the center mark that Rossi puts on the B3...Hence the quotation marks when I refer to "dead center".
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Originally Posted by memosteve View Post
I now have a pair of 07' B3's in 176 to compliment my 06' B3's in 184...Both are mounted "dead center".
forgive the off thread question…

…I would like to hear about the complimenting B3s in the different lengths…while I ski the 184s I maybe missing some fun?? Would you mind sharing how you are using the differing lengths memosteve?
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I'll let you know the difference after tomorrow...I'm skiing the 176's for the first time then, depending on conditions when I get to Timberline.

I've been very happy with the 184's, but I've been hearing from alot of skiiers how the 176 is just as stable, but quicker turning and a little more fun on the groomers. I also have a few nasty gouges in my 184's from snowboarders/skiiers and from skiing with my kids, so I figured what the hell and pulled the plug when I got a pretty good deal on some new 07's.

Besides, I'm a gear whore and you can never have enough ski's.
And if those explanations aren't good enough for you then here's one more...I have two pairs of the same ski, in different lengths, because I can and my wife doesn't care because I just bought her a new car.
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