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Ski Trip Reasonability Check

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OK so I have a trip planned with my father and uncle out to Alta in early February. Planning to fly out of Boston/Providence Fri Feb 2 early morning and arrive in SLC (Southwest Airlines) early afternoon. Plan to ski Alta Sat Sun Mon. My father will fly back to MA Tuesday morning, as we will probably stay in a Days Inn or cheap crappy hotel near the airport (rather than cough up more money at the mtn. We plan to stay in the Peruvian Lodge Fri Sat Sun nights- all meals included etc. Is Peruvian the best idea for the money (Im a grad student, as cheap as can be)? OK then I leave my dad at the airport and hop a bus to Jackson Hole (leaves SLC at 1:00) during the day Tuesday for a 5.5? hour drive. Stay with friends, ski Jackson Hole Wed and Thurs, leave Jackson on a bus 6:30 am Friday for my flight back to MA out of SLC at 3:15pm. Arrive back home at 11:30 ish Friday night, in time to hit the bars in Boston...Anyone who is familiar with the Alta/Jackson trek see any reasonability flaws (i.e. the roads are usually closed in winter due to too much snow and Id be forced to ski Alta all week, etc...?)
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I will just attempt to answer your one question about the Peruvian. I stayed there last winter for a short trip to Alta and loved it. It is cheaper to stay in Sandy and take the bus up the canyon, but it won't be as much fun. The convenience, atmosphere, and food of the Peruvian is well worth it, IMHO.
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The 'crazy cheap' hotels are in Sandy which is where you want to be to ski the big/ little cottonwood canyon areas (not near the airpport--it's considerably further from Alta/ snowbird then you should be!).

Secondly, with the proposed driving-to and from ski areas and then to and from Jackson (and presumably around jackson and let's not forget a trip across teton pass to targhee) I'd recommend renting a vehicle-being beholden to inumerrable bus schedules just ain't no vacation and for a portion you'll be splitting the cost with others anyway.

The Jackson to Utah (and vice versa) is well-traveled winter ground so the plan sounds ambitious but doable!

Have fun
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Just to clarify, the Peruvian is where we'd stay for skiing, the hotel/motel around SLC (the cheap one) is for the night before my dad has to fly back, rather than another night at the Peruvian. Also, may change plans again- instead of bus back to SLC on Friday and flight out of there, may get a ride from Jackson to Vail the night of the 8th, ski Vail 9th/10th and fly home from Denver the 11th. My head is buzzing, and I LOOOVVEE credit cards.
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As Liam said, the cheapest hotels are actually in Sandy & Midvale. The airport hotels cater to the business set, as a lot of light industrial & factories are located in that area.

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I had some friends stay in Sandy last February for a week. Their biggest complaint was that on the two big powder days the road up to Snowbird/Alta was closed in the morning due to avalanche danger so they missed out on the best powder. They saved a bunch of money staying in Sandy but aren't sure they'd do it again.
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If the road is closed, go to Snowbasin or Park City, Canyons.
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That sounds like a good trip. You will get some good skiing in with the Alta/Jackson combo...which I could do that.
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