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Atomic RT CS130 Boots-Anyone using them?

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Me -Age 54 5'10" 185 lbs. ski about 60 days a year in the east. Beer league and occasional masters racer.
I'm looking at new boots-currently in '04-'05 Lange Comp 120MF. In preparation for next weeks race/pro night at one of our local retailers,I made a boot trying visit yesterday. I tried the ATomic RT CS 130, the Tecnica Race Pro 130, and the Nordica Doberman Pro 130. Of the three, I liked the Atomic the best. I went down to a 25.0/7 (my current boots are 8/8.5) and while they were darn tight, they weren't agonizing. With some grinding and breaking in I feel they will be fine.
Any bears using this particular model? Reactions?
I'm not displeased with my Langes and would like to try the new WC130 HP, but so far they are not in stock. Why new boots after just two years?
Frankly, the Langes are getting tired. They've got about 120 days on them,and the buckles and liners are getting worn. Our shop gives a 50% trade-in within 3 years, so I'll have used them for about $90.00 a year which ain't bad.
Thanks for any advice!
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Give them a good look.

I have the boot from last season and love it. My instore impression was good but when you ski them... money the plastic composition and slightly larger toebox were a homrun for me.
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Are the RT CS 130's the same as the X series 130's
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I bought a pair this season

for use with my VolklAC4 Mid Fats They were an excellent fit
out of the box. The only mod I did was put in some gel "Sof Soles" in between the stock Conformable footbeds to give the
boot some vibration damping. I had Technica Icons before, that
handle very much the same but the Atomics are slightly wider
up front and the heel is narrower which is more comfortable
for me.
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Skied on a pair of the RT CS 130 for 2 seasons. Loved the boot but had a problem in the heel pocket with rubbing due to bumps I have on my achilles at the base of my heel. Had the boots ground a few times but still an issue at the heel. Really liked the boot so I got a size bigger (27) in the RT FR 120 which I believe is the same mold as the CS but a little softer. Still grinding the heel pocket to get it to be pain free with this boot. I'm a 10.5- 11 shoe, normal width, but really the 26 RT CS fit geat heel issue aside, and the larger shell really didn't provide much better relief in the heel.

Don't run gates , but my expereince with the RT CS was it was a very responsive boot delivering power to the edge. Like all boots, its about the fit. My neighbor is a podiatrist and he's going to bring me a bunch of pads and stuff , and I'm going to try a suggestion I got here about making a "donut" over the spot on my heels and taping this to the liner so I don't rub on the shell. Just can't seem to dremmel enough material away.If I ski all day, when I take my boots off the first couple of minutes, I can barely walk.
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Perhaps a bandaid in the spot where you experience

discomfort maybe the way to go as the boot will rub against the
bandaid and not your skin
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I've had two seasons on the Atomic CS 130 and they are working just fine for me. A few tweaks from a kindly bootfitter have helped get a good fit.

I had the Lange 130 previously, which started out well, but developed some fit annoyances that I couldn't quite get rid of.
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i aquired these boots for £46 and it is the best money i have ever spent. the 130 is the base flex rating and with a few minor adjustments (depending on the year of your boots) such as moving a small bolt in the back up a notch and using various booster straps they can be cranked up to about 155 flex index. just make sure your knees can cope.

they are the most responsive boot i have ever used. if you have very stiff skis (i have the 2010 salomon 3v lab skis) you will get so much more out of the ski and boot, but you have to be on the ball 24 7 or you will get kicked off in all directions. you can loosen the buckles slightly and they are acceptable for cruising, but buckle up tight and they are great for racing. i use them in slalom racing and there is plenty of support so you can really load up the ski.

there are a few bad points though, the buckles are a little too small so you dont get much leaverage doing them up so its difficult to get them to a race tightness, the boot seem a little narrow across the ball of my foot. and finally, if they are too stiff for you they will really affect you skiing, if you are unable to flex the boot you will bend at the waist and knees, this will put your ass over the backs of your binding and your weight will no longer be over the front of your ski. so could severley hinder your skiing. if this is the case, you could just completely remove the bolt at the back of the boot to loose the boots flex slightly.

hope this helps

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