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Since smoking has already been mentioned, I submit the following:

How about the fat, shoeless, non-skiing Cafeteria pigs who spend the entire day in the base lodge reading a romance novel. They take up a whole table and save it for their family, so they can come and go all day long at will.

I had some nasty, fat, scone-princess at Okemo (God, what a horrible base lodge) one time who had about 6 chairs all saved by placing a glove on each one. There was no place left to sit, so I politely asked (really - I did) if I could sit there for a little while and of course she said "they're saved." I asked if the people they were saved for were on their way in, and she ignored me, so I picked up a glove or two and tossed them down the table and had a seat. Of course, nobody ever showed up to sit there.

Now, those people piss me off. Talk about needing to get a life.

*And how about the jackass who skis past you at 30 mph, as you're standing on some wide trail and mises you by about 6 inches, when there's clearly plenty of room.

If I had a car door, I'd open it and splatter him, just like I do to those guys who ride their crotch rockets on the white line between two lanes of traffic with about 4" on either side.

Oh, I almost forgot...Bus People.
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Carvemeister has really got it goin!

First of all, fat ugly people shouldn't be allowed out of the house, much less to the ski area!

Who the heck is letting these people in, anyway?

I think they should have some kind of patrol, that monitors the area and keeps all the riff raff out.

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Here's one more thing.

What about these people who have the nerve, to show up and ask for a discount?

A discount?! Are you kidding me?

Hey listen pal.

If you can't afford the price of admission around here, then maybe you need to think about taking up a cheaper sport.
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Oh man, Carvemeister, don't get Mark going on that one! That happened to us twice at Stowe! Since then we've never been back!
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I definitely have to agree with astrochimp ..... if there was one thing the really does irk me it would be the head bangin weekenders and their fear of heights and yes that is one of the benefits of wearing a helmet. I usually yell whoa!!! How about a warning!! There's more then just you in your universe.
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Odi et amo.

I love and I hate.
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I hate people who ski into me from behind when i'm carving railroadtracks down the skidome and am using the entire width of the slope. This happened to me twice in half a year. Then they start whining that i was going from left to right (doh) and should be more carefull. I get the impression they are trying to race me. They are pretty much schussing down trying to overtake me, i'm the DOWNHILL skier so i have the right of way. Then they can't get enough speed (Never heard of waxing their ski's, waxing your ski's is key for performance at the "very steep" skidome) and don't have enough control to avoid skiing into me. They ski into me from behind (not very fast thankfully) and fall. Then i stop, walk back up and ask if they are allright and the whining begins.
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Here I am on my last ski/business vacation while taking an important Net Meeting call outside the First Aid Room.

Ott is right,it only effects you don't let it.
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Slider makes a funny.
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SCSA - when I was in college, my fraternity would have NFC parties - No Fat Chicks. We would have two poles at the front door and if you couldn't get between them, you could not enter. Not very PC, but it was kinda fun and after a while we didnt really need the poles because Fat Chicks new they couldn't come in. They were always welcome down the block at Delta though.
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On the one hand, I am certainly no fan of obesity. On other other hand, it is appalling that this conversation about "fat people" and "fat ugly people" is even happening. This is just gratuitous insult. One might infer from reading some of the above that a person sitting in the lodge reading a book and guarding chairs is less to blame if they're good looking and in good shape, but they are more blameworthy if they do the exact same thing while not measuring up to your aesthetic or fitness standards. Whether or not I happen to agree with someone's personal pique regarding what activities interfere with their free use of the ski resort, it's not clever, funny or necessary to insult people for how they happen to look, especially when you have no idea why that particular person looks that way. It's just plain hateful.
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Originally posted by SCSA,
"Cell phones".
Originally posted by Pierre Eh!
"People just littering with bottles, cans and paper on the slopes"... A snowboarder sitting sideways in a tight chute. Come to think of it, snowboarders blocking any trail sitting sideways.

People who step on others ski tails in the lift line. I would rather scratch up my skis myself.

Those are my pet peeves. Otherwise, it's all good. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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There is a little tongue in cheek going on.
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The ski tails thing doesn't bug me at all. What bugs me is people who make a big deal out of it.

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[quote]Originally posted by oboe:
[QB]On the one hand, I am certainly no fan of obesity. On other other hand, it is appalling that this conversation about "fat people" and "fat ugly people" is even happening. This is just gratuitous insult....

Jeez, Mr. politically correct. Relax.

Those long haired freaks with the nose rings who take up whole tables should also be banned, eh?

I also think that anybody with either gray hair or who is balding, and wearing a 1 piece jumpsuit ought to be publicly ridiculed, and also, if possible, in front of his entire family.

Can I say that? Or must we always be politically correct, just in case somebody doesn't have a sense of humor?

Somewhere, there are fat people right now that are having lots of fun laughing at guys like us who are wasting our time carrying on about stupid crap like this. I might even be one of them.
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I hate everyone.

Not very PC, but at least I'm consistent.

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To be serious, someone who takes your line through virgin powder just as you're about to go in... :

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stuff that bugs me: When my internet connection makes me believe a post hasn't gone through, so I end up double posting


[ August 18, 2002, 04:43 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ? ]
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1) People who stand blocking a trail where you can't see them until its too late.

This one happened at Vail the first season that Blue Sky Basin was open. On our first trip to Blue Sky we took the route shown on the trail map (bad idea) which was an incredibly long and pretty flat road. I was trying to maintain as much momentum as the limited pitch would allow (maybe 10 miles an hour?) when I came around a blind curve to find a family of 4 or 5 (might have been the Griswolds in Winter Vacation) all standing ACROSS the road and totally blocking the trail with their skis while taking a photo. As there was no room to stop, and since they were standing on the only surface that had snow on it, I had to do a little jump over one or two pairs of skis and between two people which I managed to do without hitting anyone. The lady yelled at me and called me a hooligan or some such for coming so close and going so fast. Personally, I was pretty proud of myself for not cursing at them as I went by.

2) People who find it necessary to try to squeeze between me and the trees when I'm making short turns along the edge of a trail, trying to stay out of the flow of traffic. They always holler out "On your right" just when I'm turning right towards the edge. Haven't they ever seen linked turns before? Why would you try to pass somebody who is obviously going right on the right? Maybe because they are incapable of making turns they don't recognize turns when they see them.

3) Hit and run skiers. This has happened to me twice. Once the guy got away. Another time I chased the guy into the lift line at Mid Vail. I think he was French, anyway he pretended not to speak English. Just in case he really did not, I taught him some new English words. I would like to have wrapped a pole around his head, but I didn't want to do that in front of 500 witnesses.

4)Racer wannabes who just HAVE to pass within 2 feet of me when we have 1200 acres of mountain all to ourselves. Some day I'm going to stick one of those guys with a pole.

5)Guys who come flying down to the lift and make a flashy hocky stop almost taking out the whole lift corral (see racer wannabes above).

Other than that, nothing much bothers me, not even the non skiing people who reserve two tables all day with one boot bag.

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Carvemeister, of course you're entitled to your opinion and your view that my expression is "politially correct". To me, political correctness has nothing to do with this. I don't know whether you're heavy or, like me, thin even when you're fat. I honestly believe that, tongue in cheek or not, the remarks about "fat and ugly" are not needed, irrelevant, and hurtful to many people. If you think that approach adds good stuff to EpicSki, that's your business. Personally, I think it detracts.

[ August 18, 2002, 12:21 PM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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Holy batshit, batman! This is a skiing forum, when did it turn into a Miss Manners forum?

Who lacks social maturity?

The ones whining on the internet about nose-pickers, OR the ones politely reminding nose-pickers that the chairlift seat isn't a booger receptacle?

FYI, SCSA - It's "aina."

Hah, I'm gonna link this to Powmag. Tongue-in-cheek or not, we'll have plenty of laughs at the expense of a few bitching bears.

[ August 18, 2002, 12:26 PM: Message edited by: BooYaa13 ]
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JimL said it good and I'm with him.

BTW, JimL, the best way to get to Blue Sky is from Mid-Vail, take Milt's face down to chair 17, the Sun up lift.

Take 17, then ski down to the bottom of Orient Express, chair 21 - I like to take Genghis Kahn. Take 21 up, get off to the right, ski the catwalk for a moment, and drop into Red Square.

Ski down Red Square and you'll dump into Blue Sky.

I know that's the "long" way, but if you look at it, it's mostly vertical. The big trick to Vail is limiting your time on the catwalks - you can't eliminate them, as you probably know.

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Yeah, well, if wasn't for us, what on earth would you guys talk about over there? It can't be technique, because none of you know anything about it.

ha ha ha.
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1 - slow drivers in the fast lane - of that's a different thread .....

b - Lifties that can't count to four on a quad lift! Folks who don't get that it's a social sport.

iii - yeah - smokers - argh.

For the most part though, it all goes away when I'm movin'. I must not let myself go down to the level of those who frustrate me. The PETER PRINCIPLE mentality is so prevalent these days. Lot's of John Lennon's words come to mind now!

SCSA - When I get out this season, maybe you can show me the cool way to Blue Sky?
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If you Hate slow lifts. We better have a paramedic ride the lifts with you at Alta. Cuz your head is going to explode .AT Alta they pride them selves on old Ssssssssssslllllllllowwwwwwwww lifts. The only thing that gets my panties in a bunch is people That ski in a way that puts me at risk. Oh and smoking in lift lines or on the chair. to those that like to ride the chair and smoke dope You can smell that stuff from 5 or 6 chairs back : ! as a reformed pothead i really don't like the smell of pot.
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Jamesdeluxe If you read this post you have to post that photo of the Woman at Deer Valley on the cell phone your Caption with that pic was just to Funny!
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Originally posted by SCSA:

There is a little tongue in cheek going on.
#########SCSA describing his recent acquisition at the video store.##########
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You bet. Be glad to show you around at the Big Show.

Oh, I know.

I read about those friggin lifts and cringed. Not having been to Utah, and reading the controversy, which is better skiing - CO or Utah, I now know it's all mumbo jumbo. Are you kidding me? Colorado wins hands down.

Like here at the Big Show, something like 33 high speed quads. Sorry folks. High speed quads are where it's at, particulary with the price of admission as high as it is.

Note to self:
Don't pass the pipe to Utah49. He/she/it might bo ballistic on ya.
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