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What bugs me is people who have no busines whatsoever being on black diamonds, being on black diamonds.  You all know what I mean, they are traversing back and forth and you are wanting to go DOWN.  They are usually in groups of three or four so they are dispressed across the run and you cannot safely start your run without the risk of killing or maming one or two of them.  That really annoys me.  I just want to be on my way but I really don't want to commit manslaughter in the meantime. 


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When there is too much gaper carnage blocking the steeper runs, or too many snowboarders scraping it icy I just go try to find some bumps or trees to ski.

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Holy back-from-the-grave thread bump!  Were cell phones even invented in 2002?  I bet they actually had to be dialed!

ressurection to the max, great thread though, now the people figuring tips and the bill can just pull out their smartphone and do it, you can just say who you want to call and it calls them. Now heres one of my massive irks while skiing, bluetooth headsets. I dont mind being social on the lifts, chatting with other locals or visitors and i dont mind a quiet ride with a few words said in between. But sitting there on your headset like your the multi tasking business king of the world is just rude. My other one is bitchers.... oh the snow sucks, its too cold, this windblown stuff sucks, its too windy, its too icy, the pows skied out ect ect, shut up and ski. Newbies that are bitching are the worst, havnt seen many but i tried to teach one guy to ski, he wouldnt listen to anything i said but would bitch that he couldnt do it, shut up listen for a second and try it, it aint hard

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Who elected you smart ass of the year?   I'm saying that I'm trying not to kill anyone.  And I don't remember saying that I'm "such a good skier". Although I am pretty darned good.  Oh, sorry, you're probably one of the ones doing the traversing.  I'll look out for you, asshole.



yep I traverse everything!!! 


even the beginner slopes are way to steep for me.


I kid its just that not only are the 'gapers" traversing funny to watch they are potential students. I might laugh at first(before they see me) but Ill still be nice.

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Hmm, I though t I had deleted that post. 


Getting older is playing mind games with me.

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Ok BushwackerinPA, I get that you were Kidding.  And they are funny.  I laugh at them, too.  But, thank heavens I don't have to teach them. So, I'd love to see you traversing the greens. lmao.  Although in the helmet discussion I did admit that the greens are the ones where I do my best falls on my head because I get complacent and don't pay attention, catch an edge and WHAM!  Gotta watch that or maybe I should just traverse the greens.  lol Or maybe I'll just stay away from them altogether.

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It really bugs me when people start posting in very old threads. They should be hit in the head with a 2 X 4.   Oh dang,  I just posted in a really old thread.  Now I have to go hit myself.


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