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Nolo - 20 years Pin - did you start in the PSIA when you were 5?

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Da Fox, he smoooooovvvvv.
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And he's catching up on you fast...

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Typical californicator. Please don't move to Montana to create your own version of "heaven," we don't need it.
Gonzo, quit making this so easy.

Alright crew, I'm starting to pass the hat. We all throw in like $20, buy the property next to gonzo's house and build a highrise low rent complex. Who's in?
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh, you certainly are!!!!!! Dang, boy, you DO have a way of making up ground. Must be that durned leppreecon trans-'lannic cable ya got goin'. i NEVER check that baby (since my j. joyce audio clip was COMPLETELY IGNORED, harrumph.)
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I guess the dog days of summer still linger.
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I heff a kesschun und i vont it anssrdd immejiately.
who is yer daddy und vot...

No. Not my question, actually. FOX. yoo da mathman. break it down. your "posts per day" average, und - er, and - mine.
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I'm just trying to figure out if those foreign words that Sugar and gonz use are latin. :
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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
This coming from the guy who transplanted from Boston. :

And spare me the comments about me defending someone I happen to know. I think you're a tool no matter who I do or don't know. [/QB]
from Boston? I've never lived there. Is that where BadRat is from?

A Tool? yes, I would say that I am something of a magnifying glass, or perhaps a microscope. Thank you.
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Originally posted by SCSA:
I'm just trying to figure out if those foreign words that Sugar and gonz use are latin. :
rattus norvegicus malus is the genus/species name for a Bad Rat.
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You = 4.72
Me = 11.18
i.e I post 2.37 times the number of posts you do

(these values are approximate)

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My dear, Gonzo, I am rich in the currency of the ski hill, if not in U.S. dollars, and I figure if Tom Seibel or Jim Kennedy buy the ranch next door as the next step in their progression from industry titan to outdoorsmen, then I'm not slow, I'm fast, cuz I got the same view, and I never had to deal with the stress of a real job, having been a ski instructor, as I said, for 20 years now. (Thanks, Sitz, and Fox, you ARE a quick study!)

If my goal was to get rich, I wouldn't have devoted the time to skiing, surely, and I wouldn't have situated myself on a ranch in Montana.

So, now that you have me hooked, what is this vision you attribute to me? I confess I am not getting your references.

My mission is to facilitate, encourage, and advocate quality skier development opportunities for all skiers. I believe that quality comes first. The gold medal has to be backed up with results. My vision is about quality, not riches, but there is a strong desire to empower pros to make a comfortable living and have access to the same creature comforts as their students, like insurance, cars, homes, and families. You know--the same stuff hairdressers count on.

I was asked recently why people stay in the profession, given the monetary situation, and I said, "Well, I think essentially the people who stick with it for years are sort of like monks or disciples with a religious passion for snow, mountains, nature, and sharing their passion with others." The rewards are huge. Far greater than whatever they give you for processing data in a cubicle to which you must commute through snarled traffic, etc.

I didn't go beyond the quotes, because even gurus have material needs and wants, and I'd hate to add any reinforcement to the industry waffle that people just instruct as a lark, don't need the money, and won't be around long anyway, so it would be stupid to invest much in them.
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i shall sleep tonight. my thanks.

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Ryan, I hope that helps you sleep better tonight. Anyway, I know the ski season is coming - I got my ski mag through the mail today, and the "Today's Active Topics" section is more than one page on my screen.

Think Snow.

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
from Boston? I've never lived there. Is that where BadRat is from?

A Tool? yes, I would say that I am something of a magnifying glass, or perhaps a microscope. Thank you.
Well my mistake. My memory doesn't serve me well. Back in the day when you and I enjoyed a friendlier exchange I thought you told me you were from Boston. In any case you are a transplant.

As for your "tool" status I was thinking more along the lines of a monkey wrench.
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None of this is real.
None of the people are real.
We all exist to entertain Gonzo.

Idiots-- 1,000,000,000,001


Well, Gonz, too bad you don't think there are any Intelligent, Independent women here at Epic. I see several.

Fox-- the large number above: what would it look like in BINARY ?
: :

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It's been a while since I did much with binary, but I'd take a guess that it would consist of ones and zeros

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It looks like your z key is jammed. I'd suggest you get it fixed.

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Morning people. Today is a good day, it looks like it might snow and I am going to get really drunk tonight and listen to my girlfriend sing and then get more drunk and then it's a long weekend so I am basically going to be drunk for 4 days straight which is nice!!
I am glad we are getting along more nicely now. It's a much nicer place to surf round.
Nolo no idea what your pin is but keep it away from the balloon they gave you to celebrate with. I assume congratulations are in order so well done although I don't know if you deserve congratulations if you spend your whole life on a mountain, seems a bit over the top congratulating you for doing something you love for 20 years still ... lucky you.
mmmm 5 hours til beer.....
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When I read the summary of your post in TAT, I thought you had brought the thread back to its original topic:

Stuff That Bugs Me

and Loke says...
Morning People.


[ August 23, 2002, 03:12 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ? ]
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Did you see what I did there - cunning wasn't it!!

4.5 hours, 270 mins, 16200 seconds not that I'm counting...
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Do your commas mean AND or OR?
So, is it just three different ways to say 4.5 hours, or do you mean 13.5 hours?
And why are you waiting so long before you start drinking? I mean, if it's such a delay, get on a train up to Peterborough, and join me for lunch at the Peterborough Beer Festival


P.S. Another thing that annoys me: English opening hours! Last orders are at 11pm! I'm used to going out at 10.30pm and hearing the bell around 1.30am, what's the idea behind shutting up before I'm even warmed up? Not fair.
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Commas mean OR otherwise I would be dying of thirst by the time I got to have a drink.

Can't make it P sorry about that, tried to look up times on the net and can't make it work so that's that. Nightmare.

Things that bug me, this song on the radio and weekdays spent at work.

[ August 23, 2002, 03:50 AM: Message edited by: Loke ]
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What's the song?
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I have no idea but it was some fools talking really quickly and with no rythym to some fool on a drum machine, it sucked, had nothing about it, wasn't even rap or anything as far as I could tell.
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Ah, yes, rap with a capital C. That bugs me too.
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NO it wasn't rap it was just crap, rap's ok at least it's an art and can sound good but that was just terrible.
3 hours etc etc!!
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ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wha oh sorry I was reading this thread and got ....... really ....sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Originally posted by SCSA:

The bastards want to calculate the tip without the tax. Hey folks. If the bill is $50.29 with tax, you owe the waitron at least $7.54 (15%)
I've always wondered about that one. Why would you calculate the tip after tax? Tax is tax, tip is calculated on the actual bill, as a matter of principle (I am not simply looking to save 50 cents.) So, bill goes to restaurant, tax goes to government. Waiter gets a tip based on what the restaurant is making, since it is the restaurant (or bar or whatever) that is paying them a shitty wage.
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